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Boiling Eggs

Boiling Eggs

I never knew there was a right and wrong way to make hard boiled eggs. I had been boiling them wrong basically my entire life. You don’t understand how much you have overcooked them until you have boiled eggs the “right” way.  This is a somewhat trivial thing for me. I mean really, how do [...]

Honey Soy Baked Chicken

Honey Soy Baked Chicken

I ran across this recipe on Pinterest a while back and it’s become a huge hit in our house… especially on nights where I know I won’t have a lot of time to prep dinner. The original recipe called for bone-in chicken thighs, but I prefer to use boneless and skinless thighs. One, because I’m [...]

TJ’s Hidden Veggie Meatloaf (aka Meat Cake)

TJ’s Hidden Veggie Meatloaf (aka Meat Cake)

My mom’s meatloaf was a favorite meal of mine when I was a kid; slathered in ketchup and served with mashed or roasted potatoes. I’m sure she served a veggie with it, but I probably didn’t eat it because I hated pretty much ALL cooked vegetables when I was a kid. Little did I know [...]

Ten Ways to Use Leftover Baby Food

Ten Ways to Use Leftover Baby Food

Is it just me, or does anyone else have jars and boxes of baby food hanging around that didn’t get used before their fast-growing babies lost interest in them? Or even purees you made from scratch that’s just taking up space in your freezer? My daughter never really cared for purees or cereals at all, [...]

Chicken Stew with Biscuit Dumplings

Chicken Stew with Biscuit Dumplings

When I was was in college I lived with my grandmother, who was born and raised in Missouri during the Great Depression. Chicken and Dumplings was one of those homey, comfort foods that she taught me to make that we loved to share on a chilly, rainy night. Below is the recipe she taught me. Years [...]