5 Ways Pregnancy Helped Me Relate To My Toddler

Toddlers can often seem like an alien species to us. The motivation and logic behind their behaviors are certainly a mystery most of the time. But, being pregnant has given me a whole new understanding of my toddler’s behavior. I never before realized how much pregnant women and toddlers have in common. Here are just a few examples of ways I’ve found myself relating to my toddler now that I’m pregnant.

Potty Breaks: Just five minutes ago it was declared there was no need for a potty trip. Now, it’s a mad dash to find the restroom. The countdown is on, gotta make it there before a need to change out of wet underwear. It sounds like I’m describing life with a toddler, but this just as easily fits a pregnant woman. My toddler and I are now the best of bathroom break buddies with how often we need to run there at the same time.

Picky Eating: It’s not the right color. That texture makes me gag. It smells kinda funny. It doesn’t matter that I ate three servings of it yesterday, today I hate it and you can’t make me eat it. Yes, I do want to eat the same thing for the 5th time in a row. The eating habits of both pregnant women and toddlers are unpredictable and often frustrating. It’s best not to question or try to understand the reasons here. Just get them fed or face the wrath of low blood sugar. You wouldn’t want to see either of them “hangry”.

Tantrums: Toddlers are famous for falling to pieces over seemingly meaningless mishaps. The cookie broke, let the sobbing commence. You gave me the wrong color cup, now I’m enraged and want to throw it across the room. I used to think my toddler was being purposely difficult or just plain crazy. Now that pregnancy hormones can make me blubber uncontrollably at the slightest blip or just as quickly send me into a fit of anger, I get it. I’m not sure who has more breakdowns in our house these days.

Needing Help: Toddlers can’t tie their own shoes because they don’t yet have the dexterity. A very pregnant woman can’t reach her own shoes to tie them. Help! Toddlers are too short to reach that cabinet. Pregnant women are protruding too far over the counter to reach that same cabinet. Help! More and more often I find myself needing help with the same tasks as my toddler. I’m getting a real sense of the daily frustrations and helplessness a toddler lives with. We both need extra hugs lately to get through the day.

Wakeful Nights: I had a bad dream. I need to go pee again. I need a drink of water. My pillow isn’t soft enough. There are endless reasons why my toddler and I can’t seem to sleep through the night most days. That’s probably way nap-time is extra important to us both now as well.

The next time my toddler can’t seem to reign in his emotions over something I think is no big deal, I’ll remind myself that under certain circumstances neither can I. The next time I get frustrated that my toddler gags at a food he loved yesterday I’ll remember that it can happen and to not push too hard. I’ll try to hold onto all the experiences of this pregnancy to give me more understanding of, and therefore more patience with, my toddler’s struggles.

2 Responses to 5 Ways Pregnancy Helped Me Relate To My Toddler

  1. This is wonderful!! And one of those “ah ha!” moments where we get a chance to really understand where our toddlers are coming from.

  2. This is so true. What a great outlook.

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