A Baby Shower – It’s Not All About the Baby!

I remember during my pregnancy and even after my daughter was born, I felt a sense of abandonment from my family and friends. I felt as if I had been forgotten. Everyone wanted to see the baby, but no one really wanted to see how I was doing.

I was inundated with everything baby, but nothing that really welcomed me into the community that is motherhood. I think somewhere along the way, we have forgotten the celebration that is a woman becoming a mama, and partners becoming a family.

Maybe the crazy postpartum hormonal changes were to blame for my feelings of loss. But I have learned from my experiences and I have made it a point to try to make sure that other mamas don’t feel the same way.

My friend is having a baby shower soon and I wanted to make sure to get her something too. If funds were unlimited, I would have loved to do so much more. I decided to keep things practical and I purchased items that I found helpful to me in the early postpartum days.

This included: breast pads, overnight pads, nipple cream, water, cereal bars, Epsom salt, organic raspberry leaf tea, a coffee mug, nursing mothers tea, and a beautiful card with a personal note from me offering support, encouragement, and the offer to help with whatever she needed!

All of the things I included (minus the teas and overnight pads) were things that I had my in-laws pick up for me when my daughter Anna was just two or three days old.

So, if you have a baby shower coming up soon, or you just want to get a mama-to-be something she will truly appreciate, consider getting something for HER too, and not just for the little one!

4 Responses to A Baby Shower – It’s Not All About the Baby!

  1. SUCH a cute idea!!

  2. This is a fantastic idea and one I would have been thrilled to receive as a brand new mama. Pinning this for any future baby showers I may attend. Thanks!

  3. Love this for a new mom!

  4. I love this idea and I wish someone had done this for me and truly prepared me for not just being a new mom, but for breastfeeding! I might do this secretly for a friend about to have a baby.

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