Ask the Mamas: Comfort while Traveling

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Mama Say What?! reader Alyssa R. asks: “when traveling, how do you help your little one(s) still feel “at home”?”

We travel quite a bit; in the last four years we’ve flown over 90,000 miles (yes, we keep track!) Things we do to help with feeling “at home” are pretty simple. His security blanket comes with us and, just like at home, he only snuggles with it at bedtime and nap time. His KinderGlo moon night light comes with us too. We also try our best to respect that he still takes naps, so we try to plan our days around that. We are very lucky that he can nap pretty much anywhere. Aside from that, the whole “not being at home” thing is part of the fun for our son. ~Alex T.

We pack Elizabeth’s lovies, her Travel Sleep Sheep, and the Pack n Play. Other than those items, everything else is very negotiable since she is still young and any traveling that we do involves the three of us together, so her comfort zone isn’t too disrupted. ~Michelle W.

We travel for at least a week long vacation over the summer to the beach every year. We bring all of B’s comfort objects, like loveys and some familiar blankets, though he doesn’t have anything he’s incredibly attached to. We also bring some toys and books we know he loves. We try to stick to his regular bedtime, but doing special things and altering schedules seem to go hand in hand with vacations. He goes with the flow pretty well though. K was only 4 months old when we were last at the beach and he just did whatever we did and went wherever we went. He had a pacifier at the time, but I don’t think he knew enough yet to know we were in a different place. ~ Mary Ellen M.

When we travel we try to keep the routine pretty much the same. Naptimes and bedtimes are at the same times, because that is when she is tired. We bring her white noise machine with us and her pillow and blanket. The last big travel I did, Anna and I went down to New Jersey for one month. I brought some of her toys and books from home to keep in her room. Everything stayed pretty much the same in regards to our routine, except we had to add in Skype dates with Daddy before bed. ~Jessica S.

Maggie’s favorite stuffed animals and blanket come with us on trips and it also helps to bring her familiar pack ‘n’ play. Also, when she was younger, we used the website (they also have an app) to play soothing sounds and we could take that familiar sound with us anywhere. Now that she’s older, I think the thing that helps her feel the most secure while we’re traveling is trying to take things slow and not cram too much into each day. She’s pretty flexible with her schedule, but if there’s no down time for unstructured play or we’re distracted all day and aren’t connecting with her, I think that’s when she starts to feel a little insecure. ~Christina D.

We don’t really bring things to help our kids feel at home when we travel, honestly. We will bring the iPod, which plays white noise for nighttime. And we’ll let them bring a stuffed animal (usually Violet and Scout)- but they’re not too attached so it’s more of a toy. They’ll also bring a few small toys to keep occupied on the go and we’ll load up on lots of fun snacks we don’t normally have. We also tend to choose two books to bring with us to read to wind down before going to sleep in a hotel or wherever. ~Cassie W.

We haven’t done any major traveling yet, but even if we are away for a night we try and keep everything as ‘normal’ as possible for her. We bring her blanket and stuffed animals that she sleeps with (including her Sleep Sheep), and have the same night time routine. I have always been a stickler about routine and find that if we mess with it, it takes awhile to get back to where we were. Now that C is two, I find that we don’t have to travel with as many items/toys since she likes to explore and try out new things. ~Kathy S.

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