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Mama Say What?! Reader Ellie R. asks, “I need lunch ideas for my toddlers. I feel lunch always gets neglected, despite the kids having a healthy breakfast and dinner. They aren’t overly picky, but love carbs.”

My little one is in school so we pack his lunch. He usually gets applesauce and rice cakes for snacks (they choose what to give him) and fresh fruit if they’re serving it. For lunch, it’s a sandwich with fruit and some chips/crackers typically. Sometimes, I’ll make a spinach and fruit smoothie and send that with a corn muffin, some chips/snacks and some water.” ~Mary Ellen M.

The current favorite lunch in our house right now is grilled sandwiches. I bust out our George Forman grill and we make fancy grilled cheese with whatever ingredients we have in the fridge. My son’s favorite is roasted chicken, monterey jack cheese, spinach and pesto sauce. My favorite is roasted chicken with fontina cheese, spinach, onions, and honey mustard. It’s a good way to use up leftover meat from the night before like tri-tip, roasted pork, roasted chicken, bacon, etc.

We enjoy our sandwiches with a banana or an apple and we’re good to go. We also make these with flat bread or tortillas in a frying pan and call them fancy quesadillas. ~Alex T.

I don’t have any crazy specific ideas as Anna pretty much has always eaten whatever we are eating. She loves having a sandwich with veggies and fruit. Raw baby carrots with some dip is her go to snack. She also loves fruit leathers, and yogurt covered raisins. ~Jessica S.

I struggle with this too! Quesadillas, homemade pizza on a tortilla, pasta with homemade meat sauce, organic mac n cheese with steamed broccoli or peas mixed in, or leftovers from dinner typically make up her “main course”. Veggies are usually black beans, snap peas, or corn. Fruit is always offered very last, because otherwise she’ll fill up on it. ~Michelle W.

I also go through the lunch battle just about every day. We do smoothies a couple times a week, which tides us all over well until dinner. We’ll often do quesadillas, sometimes we stick with good ole’ grilled cheese and tomato soup. My most recent favorite lunch is couscous with a little olive oil and sea salt- my daughter loves that too. Sometimes I’ll just bake a couple sweet potatoes and the kids and I will share them. Another easy lunch is pasta with a little olive oil and whatever frozen or fresh veggies I have in the fridge. ~Cassie W.

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