Ask the Mamas: Nudity while Nursing

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Mama Say What?! Reader Jena L. asks “I have been breastfeeding my nine-month-old since he was born and hope to keep doing it until he says “no”. Sometimes I nurse him completely naked (including me) and let him co-sleep with hubby and me. How long should I continue to nurse him in the nude?”

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There’s no rule out there that says you have to nurse your baby with clothes on, no matter what their age. Any time spent skin-to-skin is beneficial for both of you, so I’d continue to do it as long as it’s comfortable for you. ~Alex T.

During the warmer months I often nurse my daughter when she’s only wearing a diaper and myself in shorts and just a bra (she has wandering hands and I have to keep the non-nursing boob hidden from her). Personally, I see nothing wrong with nursing your son how you see fit, for as long as you both want to, especially if it makes BOTH of you happy. Skin-to-skin contact is important and makes for sweet bonding moments for mama and baby! ~Michelle W.

As long as you both feel comfortable. Skin-to-skin time has been shown to have numerous benefits for both mamas and babies, and they aren’t limited to the newborn stage. Enjoy those snuggles while you can! The time will come soon enough when he won’t sit still for them. ~Christina D.

Skin-to-skin has so many benefits that outlast the newborn stage. As long as you’re comfortable with it, there is no reason to stop! ~Cassie W.

I say continue to nurse him any way you want as long as you and he are comfortable, There is no right or wrong… just what is right for you and your family. ~Cari H.

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  1. I occasionally nurse both my 8mo boy and my 3.5yo girl while we’re all naked. We also may, at any time of day, find one or more of us wandering the house naked. There’s nothing strange about it; don’t let other people tell you there’s anything weird or wrong about it. I also prefer to sleep nude (we bedshare), though I often have to have a top on at night to keep wandering baby fingers from twiddling.

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