CR’s Birth Story

CR’s Birth Story

Mama: Mindy K.

Stats: 6lbs, 3oz, 18.75 inches

Type of Birth: Vaginal

Birth Location: Hospital

Primary Care: Obstetrician

Image by Edgewood Photography

At my 39 week appointment I was dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced. My OB/GYN discussed inducing with us, but as my husband pointed out – had Christmas not been coming in the next week we wouldn’t even be having the discussion so we decided to let nature take its course rather than be pressured by dates on the calendar. I had been SO blessed with a wonderful pregnancy and was still feeling really good so why disrupt things? That last appointment was on a Thursday and we scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound the following Wednesday, Christmas Eve, to do some blood work and a fetal weight check. The next day at work everyone in the office was joking, “see you on Monday”…and I just knew I’d be there that Monday because I really thought that I’d be going well over my due date.

That Saturday was my actual due date, December 20th – the day we had been waiting for! But what was I doing? Cleaning! Cleaning once again for the sixth weekend in a row and I’m sure driving my husband bananas! I mean, really, how dirty can your house get with just two grown adults in it? I wanted to make sure the house was “just so” for our baby girl or boy. I was really starting to get curious about whether or not it was a boy or a girl! All throughout the pregnancy, I never really thought about whether it was a boy or girl until the end. Our friends, family and co-workers had all placed their bets with the odds 2:1 that it was a boy. My husband just knew it was a girl, while I sided with the majority and thought boy.

Boy or Girl, what will it be?! Getting anxious to find out!

Monday, December 22nd, I woke up at 12:08 a.m. with a feeling I had not felt since I was five years old… I had wet the bed! I immediately shook my husband to wake up and confirm what was going on. Had my water really broken?! He got up and sure enough, there was no denying it, my water had broken! We were both surprisingly calm, but I guess we knew the baby was coming sooner or later. On the way to the hospital, we called to let them know we were on our way and they said they would get a room ready for us. We also discussed names. Okay, if it’s a boy, we’re going to name him this and a girl this, right?! We were so excited and nervous. And I especially nervous! I obviously knew this baby would have to come out one way or another and even though I was “ready”, I still was not sure about delivery!

Since we got to the hospital around 12:45 a.m. we went in through the ER and two nurses wheeled me up to labor and delivery. When we got up to labor and delivery we were so excited to announce that my water had broken and we were there to have a baby.

The two nurses standing there in labor and delivery quickly squashed our excitement and to my surprise, questioned our whole “water breaking” story. The first statement out of one of the nurse’s mouth was, “Are you SURE your water broke?!” Are you freaking kidding me?! I’m 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, unless I WET the bed I’m pretty sure my water broke. They were actually really rude about the whole thing, but I didn’t realize women come in all the time thinking their water has broken and it hasn’t. Despite their suspicions, they put us in a room and took an amniotic fluid test to determine if my water had broken. The first nurse came in and started doing paperwork with us. This was nothing out of the ordinary and we didn’t think anything of it. Well then the second nurse came in shortly thereafter and said, “I guess she told you that your water did break and you’ll be having a baby soon.” Uh NO! She failed to share that information with us. Again, really rude! We were thankful when we never saw the first nurse again other than for technical questions and the second nurse turned out to be great. She checked me, I was only at 1.5 dilated and I was not having contractions so she called the on-call OB/GYN who said to go ahead and start with Pitocin.

I really did not want to be induced and here I was getting an induction drug. Since my water had broken I didn’t question it. Just get this show on the road! Man did we get the show on the road! Every hour they checked me I just kept progressing and the contractions were getting stronger and stronger and closer and closer. I was really starting to get uncomfortable and questioning, HOW am I going to do this for much longer?! Well the answer came around 4 a.m. when the nurse checked me and I was dilated at a 4 and said, “Whenever you’re ready for your epidural you can get it any time.” My husband suggested I go ahead and get it as soon as she said the word GO, but I thought I could hold out. Well I didn’t last long, because by 5 a.m. the anesthesiologist was done with my epidural and labor had become a whole different experience! I was able to relax and actually took a little nap.

My husband and I knew for sure we wanted to be the only ones in the delivery room and had discussed calling everyone after the baby had arrived, but with it being a Monday morning we were obviously going to have to let some people know – especially those that would be expecting us at work at 7 a.m. Every evening before leaving work I was turning on my out-of-office automatic reply so I also knew that I would have an email from my mama checking on me and she would be getting that out of office reply so some phone calls needed to be made. Around 6 a.m., we both let our offices know we would not be in (and me for a long time) and then my husband called our parents as well as our neighbors to check on our dogs. After he made those phone calls, being the only daughter, I knew it would not be long before my parents were here!

My husband had been the best, most encouraging coach throughout the entire night, so after he made the phone calls and I was a little more relaxed I told him to go get some breakfast. I knew if food wasn’t at my suggestion, he would have gone all day without because he wasn’t going to leave my side. While he was down in the cafeteria, my parents arrived. While we did not originally plan to call anyone before the baby had arrived, seeing my parents brought instant comfort, for some reason. I guess at the end of the day we are all someone’s “baby” and we all just want our parents to tell us everything will be okay. They both had places to be that day and not knowing how quickly I was going to progress and knowing that I wanted that first hour to be just my husband, the baby and myself I told them to carry on their day’s plans. Plus, that way I wasn’t under any pressure to “perform” knowing that I had people waiting on me in the waiting room.

We went through the shift change of nurses and my awesome nurse was replaced by another one just as wonderful! I was so lucky with the nurses I had! The day, just like my pregnancy, as time went on just kept going by quicker and quicker! Each hour I was progressing about a centimeter and getting that much closer to delivery.

Around 11 a.m. she said it was time to start pushing – this was IT! She and my husband began to coach me through pushing through the contractions. It seemed like a really long time passed before she called my OB/GYN to come and I kept wondering how on earth he was going to get there in time to deliver this baby. Well he showed and with a med student no less. I certainly did not did not mind him being in on the birth, just hurry up! Then it seemed like he wasn’t going to get dressed in time. Why is he taking so long to do everything?! But of course he was ready in plenty of time, what did I know?!

Back to my pushing, I was really having a hard time keeping the rhythm of breathing IN and I felt like I just was not concentrating correctly on what exactly I was trying to accomplish here. So with the help of my husband and the nurse I finally seemed to get it down. My husband could finally see the head, he was getting SO excited telling me what he could see, and I just could not wait to see for myself! At this point I was closing my eyes while I was pushing to really get into the PUSH and with just a few more pushes the nurse yelled, “Open your eyes! Open your eyes! Look at your beautiful baby! Your beautiful baby GIRL!” And THEN…I heard what was-hands-down the most amazingly, beautiful sound I have EVER heard. The cry of our baby girl! Nothing will ever compare to that moment! At 12:06 p.m. our little baby CR arrived weighing six pounds, three ounces and was 18.75 inches long – absolute perfection!

They immediately put her on my chest and tears of complete and utter JOY streamed for both me and my husband! It was the moment we had been waiting for and it could not have been more perfect! She cried and cried and we cried and cried! I never thought I would be so happy and it was as if no one else was in the room, or in the world for that matter, but the three of us!

In the meantime I did not even notice that my OB/GYN was finishing things up, he even asked some questions and it was like I was totally disconnected – I could have cared less what he was doing because I had my baby girl there. Since I wanted to breastfeed, the nurse also helped with that and CR took to it immediately. We had the sweetest time with her, just my husband and I…no one else…and I would not have wanted to have it any other way.

A little after 3:00 p.m. or so after she was all cleaned up and all her stats were taken my husband texted my parents who had been in the waiting room to come back to meet their newest grandchild. They were both so excited to see not only a healthy little baby, but to see that little pink little puff on the top of her hat as well! This little girl was their first granddaughter to add to their three grandsons! My husband called his parents, his siblings, and mine to let them know the news, while telling some and others to learn the surprise of the sex for when they got to the hospital.

Image by Edgewood Photography

Since it was just three days before Christmas and one of the worst cold and flu seasons in recent years we were not bombarded with a ton of visitors. We were both able to get some rest while we were in the hospital and were ready to head home the next day, just in time for Christmas with the BEST ever Christmas gift! It is so ironic to think that while we had thought our “story” was over with her birth we have known learned our “story” has just begun!

Guest Mama Mindy K. is a soon-to-be working mama; she is still enjoying the joys of maternity leave. She was born and raised in the middle-of-nowhere Missouri and she and her husband now reside close to where they both grew up. She’s lucky to have married her best friend who is also now the best father to their new baby girl. Other than spending time with her family she also enjoys working out and shopping in her free time.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mama! I can’t wait for baby number two to get here!

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