DIY No-Sew Tutu

One of the easiest and cutest things you can make for your little one is a tutu. Little girls love them!

I decided I was going to make one for my niece for Christmas, since I don’t have a little girl of my own… yet!

It was so simple; I even did it with my 18-month-old running around the living room!

All you need is:

  • 3 spools of tulle in your desired color (I used light pink, dark pink and black.)
  • 7/8 inch ribbon (I used bright pink)
  • scissors
  • tape measure (optional)

Start by cutting all your pieces of tulle to your desired length. Since I didn’t know how big Payton’s waist was, I decided to cut my tulle a bit longer, so we could always cut the bottoms if needed. I measured 28 inches for each strip of tulle.

Instead of measuring and cutting each piece, I realized that if I hold the tulle and wrap it around my elbow and back up to my hand, that was pretty close to the length I wanted. So, I just wrapped the entire spool of tulle around my arm and cut it all at the top. That just saved me 20 minutes worth of measuring… perfect!

Obviously, if you are making an infant tutu, you won’t need to cut your tulle nearly this long.

Now cut your ribbon. The longer the ribbon, the bigger bow you will have to tie on the tutu. It will also allow your little princess to wear the tutu for many years, as she can loosen it up when she grows! I cut 60 inches of ribbon for my tutu. Again, infant tutus will not need this long of a ribbon.

Start by taking two pieces of tulle and tying them around the middle of the ribbon like so:

You can use any color combination you want. Because I wanted the tutu to be mostly pink with a little bit of black for a contrast, I only used half as much black as the other two colors.

I started with a light pink and dark pink strip of tulle. I then repeated it with a light and dark pink piece, except this time I changed the color of the tulle that was on top. For the third knot, I used one of the pinks and a black piece of tulle. Since black is so dark, I always made sure the pink was on top when tying the knot.

Continue tying the knots around the ribbon. I started in the middle and worked my way out until I was pretty sure I had enough knots to go around her waist.

You can cut the strips when you are done to make them more even, or just leave them like I did. I love the jagged look of it!

If you want the tutu to be even more full, you can use three strips of tulle when tying your knots. The possibilities with this project are endless!

Payton was so excited about her present, she decided to wear it for a spin outside to see the first snowfall of the year.


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