DIY Patriotic Wreath

I wanted to make a front door wreath.

After searching for ideas, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a wreath form (I used a 40% off coupon to reduce the $3.99 price), red and white striped ribbon (two spools of four yards each), and one roll (18 feet) of denim blue ribbon. The ribbon was on sale half-off, so all together my Hobby Lobby expenses were under ten bucks before tax.

I chose the straw form because no one was going to see the actual form, and it was only $3.99 versus $7.99 for the Styrofoam version. I’m cheap, what can I say!?

I wanted to use stars of some sort and since Hobby Lobby didn’t have anything that thrilled me, I went to Joann’s. I found a BIG ol’ package of red, white and blue star buttons for $2.50, after taking 50% off. Wooh-hoo for sales!! I have enough of these stars to pass on to family and friends if they want some. With buttons normally so expensive, I was excited!

I laid out my supplies. My stash always includes glue sticks. You will also need scissors and perhaps some straight pins if you desire.

My wreath will be facing the west and I am concerned the hot summer sun might loosen the glue, so I planned to pin sporadically on the back of the wreath for good measure.

I did not unwrap the straw wreath from its plastic because I was going to fully cover the wreath anyway. I began by securing the red and white ribbon end with a dab of hot glue to the back of the wreath, and then simply wrapped the wreath tautly. I took care to line up the red stripes of the ribbon to make it look as ‘seamless’ as possible.

Every so often I put another little dab of hot glue to the back of the wreath, just to keep the ribbon stationed where I had placed it. As tight as I had the ribbon, this step was likely unnecessary, but I wanted to ensure the ribbon didn’t slip or move. When I had two-thirds of the wreath covered with the red/white ribbon, I finished on the back with a stripe of hot glue to securely fasten the entire end of the ribbon.

Next I hot glued the beginning of the blue ribbon to the back of the wreath, covering the end of the red and white ribbon and again just wrapped it tautly as I went.

As before, I put a small dab of hot glue on the back of the wreath after a couple of wraps just to ensure the ribbon wasn’t going anywhere. I finished off the blue ribbon the same way as the red and white, and the wrapping was done!

I took a piece of the red ribbon about 4 inches long and folded it over, then hot-glued it to the back of the wreath to use as my hanger. You will notice from the pictures I wasn’t overly cautious about ‘hiding’ the hot glue— I rather doubt any of my visitors ever want to take this wreath off my door to inspect how ‘finished’ I made the back.

I turned the wreath over onto its front and stuck straight pins (the kind with the little ball ends) into the back of the wreath, one pin about every three inches or so. If you were using this indoors, or in an area without harsh hot sunlight, this step could totally be skipped.

Next I placed my star buttons. I played with where and how I wanted them to look before I secured them. Because they had button holes in the centers, I decided to pin them to the wreath since that hot sun was on my mind.

Luckily I had red, white and blue pins, so I just color-coded pinning them. You really can’t see the pins unless you really inspect the wreath closely. If you wanted, you could actually alter what color pin you used and make them stand out instead of blending in like I did.

I made three twisted ribbon flowers to pin to the front using the remaining red/white ribbon. (I have no pictures of this step because you need both hands to make them.) There are a zillion tutorials on Pinterest for how to make them. And that’s all it took to put the finishing touches on my wreath.

While I made my wreath with the Fourth of July in mind, this model could easily be used for Halloween, Christmas, Spring or any holiday. Or you could choose ribbon to complement your home décor or your baby’s nursery. The ideas are endless!!


2 Responses to DIY Patriotic Wreath

  1. Wow – I love it! The stars really make it pop!

  2. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and this wreath is too cute! Will have to try it out for next 4th of July! Thanks for the idea and tutorial!

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