DIY Snowman Handprint Ornament

Christmas is right around the corner, but this easy DIY ornament is super quick and will be treasured for years to come!

I do it every year with the kiddos in my Kindergarten class and I’ve been told by many parents how much they treasure it and enjoy hanging it on their tree long after their little ones have moved on from my class.

Your child’s handprint will be captured in time and transformed into five snowmen sitting on a pile of snow. If you have the supplies on hand, give it a try and let us know how it turned out!


  • A plain colored ball ornament (any color is fine)
  • White paint (washable)
  • Paint markers in a variety of colors
  • A paintbrush
  • Ribbon or string
  • Attached poem (optional)


1. Using a paintbrush, paint your child’s hand with white paint (all five fingers and their palm).

2. Carefully place the ball ornament in your child’s palm. Help them close their fingers around the ornament and press their fingers down gently. Tell them NOT to move their fingers around!

3. Let the ornament dry (I would give this one to two hours).

4. Using the paint markers, decorate the five fingerprints on the ornament to make them look like snowmen. Have fun and be creative. I like to add eyes, a carrot nose and some buttons on all five. I also add different colored hats and scarves on some of them. Sometimes I’ll also do sticks for arms with mittens!

5. When the paint marker decorations dry, use ribbon to make a hanger for the tree (you could also use the metal hooks that ornaments sometimes come with).

6. Optional: This cute poem can be attached to the ornament:

These aren’t just five snowmen,
As anyone can see.
I made them with my hand,
Which is a part of me.
Now each year when you trim the tree,
You’ll look back and recall,
Christmas of 2013,
When my hand was just this small! 

Happy crafting mamas and enjoy the holidays with your little ones!

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