Going Back to Work: Christy’s Story

My Position: 911 Dispatcher
Length of Time Off: 7 weeks
Position Status: Full Time

Image by ICMA Photos, used under Creative Commons license

I didn’t know what to expect with having a newborn. I wasn’t sure if Alexis would be an easygoing baby or a difficult baby— all I knew going into my time off was that I could take up to 12 weeks off with FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) and I would only get paid for what leave I had saved up, which was about six and a half weeks.

My husband went back to work after six weeks. And after my postpartum checkup with the doctor, and a week of being home with little adult interaction, I was ready to go back to work too.

So I went back at seven weeks.

Honestly, looking back at it, I wish I would have stayed home longer, but at the time I was ready to go back to work.

Daycare was very simple for us. My husband worked evening shift and I worked night shift so we only needed a babysitter for about an hour with the overlap of our shifts, and my mom offered to watch her during that time. The first couple of months working nights with a newborn was very hard, having to adjust my sleep schedule from being able to sleep all day to only being able to sleep a couple hours.

Eventually, having to wake Alexis up at 10 p.m. every night so I could go to work and she could go to my mom’s wore on me. Not to mention that I felt like I spent all the spare time I had sleeping, and still never felt like I was getting enough.

Just before Alexis turned one year old, I had the opportunity to move to a day shift and my husband moved to night shift.

Although my husband might disagree, I thought this was an amazing plan. It allowed me to wake my baby up every day and put her to bed every night, and not have to wake her up to take her to my mom’s.

I can’t say this is the best situation but this is definitely better than what we had going on before.

As Alexis is getting older, it is getting a lot harder to leave her every morning. Some mornings dropping her off at my mom’s doesn’t phase her. I get the, “See ya, mama,” and off she goes. Other days she just wants to cling to me and makes it so hard for me to walk out the door.

Waking Alexis up every morning, getting her ready, and taking her to my mom’s for the drop off is definitely a forever-changing routine that we just have to go with day by day.


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