Little Ears, Big Mouth

Early one morning, as I watched my husband walk into the kitchen in his underwear to make the coffee, I noticed that the back of his underpants had a big hole in them! I walked up behind him and grabbed his undies and ripped them completely, ensuring they would never be worn again.

The children were all standing by watching their mama tear their daddy’s undies, and all three of them thought it was terribly, terribly funny! In truth, it was hilarious!

My husband turned on his heel and proceeded to chase me back into the bedroom, with the kiddies following. It was a very funny moment, and all five of us were laughing at the same time. To escape my husband, I jumped over the bed and fell on the floor, and sprained my ankle.

Insert sound byte for a screeching stop here.

I was immediately screaming in agony and Jeff was trying to assist me in his ripped up underpants… It was quite a scene.

The next day, I picked up my four-year-old son from school and his teacher noticed me on crutches. She came to me and said, “Johnny told me how you hurt your leg.” I thought to myself, “Uh oh!” and the image of my husbands ripped up underpants flashed across my eyes, and I said, “He did?” She smirked and said, “Yes. At morning circle time, Johnny said, ‘My mommy ripped my daddies underwear and my daddy chased her into the bedroom and she fell off the bed and hurt her ankle.’” I replied, “That’s just about how it happened.”

Oh boy was I embarrassed! 

The moral of the story is, “Little ears, big mouth.”

3 Responses to Little Ears, Big Mouth

  1. This story cracked me up…all too often we speak and act the way we wouldn’t want re-told by a toddler! LOL!

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