Mother’s Day: The Best Parts of Being a Mama

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Mama Say What?! reader Katie asks:

In honor of Mother’s Day: What do you like best about being a mama?

“When my 2-year-old is cranky and climbs up into my lap and asks me to sing to her. Being the only one who is able to comfort her that way makes me feel like I’m the most important woman on the planet.” ~Bonnie N.

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“Waking up every morning to a beautiful, purely hopeful smile, and tiny high pitched giggles and babbles.” ~Jennifer G.

“I love how much I am still in awe of being a mama, and I often catch myself wondering, “Is this awesome kid actually mine? How did I get so lucky?” It’s still overwhelming, both emotionally and spiritually. Sure there are hard days, but I still love to watch my son sleep, love to watch him troubleshoot how a new toy works, how to put on his own shoes, and how he’s understanding what it means to say ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘I love you.’” ~Alex T.

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“I don’t know that I can come up with one favorite thing about being a mama, it is hard to explain the sheer joy I feel knowing that I am the safe place, home base, the anchor in my little men’s day. When I go to pick up my boys from daycare and they stop whatever they are doing to look up and smile giddily, or run to me and say, “Mamas here!,” my entire heart melts, and I know that in all the wrongs and less than perfect moments of motherhood, I have succeeded because they want nothing else than to be in my arms at that moment.” ~Corey P.

“It’s hard to think of just one thing! I love watching this little person, that I helped create, grow and learn new things every day. She has developed such a personality and makes me laugh every day. At this point, it absolutely melts my heart when I hear her say ‘Mommy’” ~Kathy S.

“Everything! I especially love the look that they give you, with all the love in the world in their eyes. I love making them smile, and laugh, and hearing the words, “I love you,” in that small, sweet, and sincere voice. I love catching myself staring at their tiny little faces while they sleep, in awe that I created such miracles (with the help of my hubby, of course). It’s hard to pick just one thing to love about being a mama when there are so many things to love about it.” ~Sam A.

“I think I find something new I love about being a mother every single day. Most of all, I love watching my daughter grow and learn, and seeing her beautiful personality. I love dancing around the house with her, playing with her dolls together, going on walks and chatting about everything and anything. I love looking at my son’s sweet little face while he sleeps and watching him take in the world around him with big wide eyes when he’s awake. I love being the center of their universe and being a safe, secure, loving place for them. I love kisses and snuggles and hugs and nighttime cuddling. It’s much too difficult for me to pick my *favorite* thing about being a mother… it’s everything I am.” ~Cassie W.

“My favorite thing is how he can make my day turn around with a smile, a giggle, a hug, or a “Love you.” I could have had the worst day, we could have had a tough day, but at the end of it, his cuddles and love make it all worth it.” ~Cari H.

“The bond. It grew from birth on, then to scraped knees, up to broken hearts, where I supported and loved them through whatever the issue was. No one else on earth knows my girls like I do.” ~Betty M.

“This is minor, but I loved it when, before they learned to pucker, my babies would kiss my cheek. Goddddd that was sweet!!” ~Sue F.


“Any time he reaches for me or snuggles up is basically the best thing on earth. Just having another person need you and love you that unconditionally is pretty awesome. And lately when he’s walking with me in the park, he’ll reach his little hand up to me so I can hold it. After that I’m pretty much a puddle on the ground.” ~Kate D.

“That I’m her favorite person, and the hugs! The hugs are the best!” ~Debbie F.

“Watching my kids grow into such wonderful, nice, caring adults. Oh, and hanging out with ‘em!” ~Sandy T.


Mama Say What?! would like to wish all of the mamas out there a very happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day mamas!!

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