N’s Frog First Birthday

What inspired the theme of the celebration?

N was a breech baby. He had himself twisted in a way that his legs were bent like a frog. For most of his first year, when he was lying down, he would have his legs bent up like a little froggie. He lovingly got the nickname “Froggie” because of that. I decided that his birthday theme needed to be something that was unique to him, and this fit perfectly.

What was one element of the celebration that you are particularly proud of?

I loved our paper goods and the cupcakes/cake. I know that’s two, but really both of those things were what made the party. My mom made the cake and cupcakes. They were really yummy. Our oven had stopped working the night before, so she had to go to my aunt’s to do it all. I am so thankful she was here to help out.

The paper goods were created by Alex of Alex Tebow Designs. She does amazing work. I can’t rave about her enough (and I am lucky we are friends too!).

What was your favorite moment of the celebration?

Watching him devour his cake. It was his first time really having cake, and he devoured it. We did his cake smash session (I am a photographer after all) a week after his birthday.


What was N’s favorite moment of the celebration?

Besides his cake, I would say the balloons. We blew up balloons for all over the floor for the kids to play with. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing, but all of the kids loved them (and the one that popped was cleaned up right away). N also loved opening his presents. We were only going to open a few at the party, but ended up opening all of them.

If you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

I worked with Alex of Alex Tebow Designs to custom create paper everything, from invitations to water bottle labels. She is rad to work with and does amazing work. I got a ton of compliments on all of it!

A few things I learned along the way… Invite the people that are important and a big part of your child’s life. It was really hard narrowing down the guest list. Tougher than most guest lists I have done in my life. And plan early! Knowing that we had all of the holidays just two months before his birthday, I started planning in October. Early for a March birthday? Maybe. But it gave me time to not stress and enjoy the process (although I was crunched for time the night before).

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