Our Family Dynamic: We Are the Munsters

I met my husband in high school. When Jeff and I got together, we were young enough that we had not yet had more than one other “love” in our lives. Make no mistake— he was, and still is, a handsome guy, albeit a little short, and I’m pretty enough, if a little on the plump side.

I won’t go as far as to say that love is blind, in our case, but I will say we were not, nor will we ever be, Ken and Barbie.

Since we met in high school and married at age 19, we have endured every life transition together: our parents’ home to the dormitories, the dormitories to our first apartment when we got married, married with no children to married with three children.

It wasn’t until we had our children that we actually forgot we were dorks. I’m not saying we ever graduated from dorkdom, but we eventually got happy enough and distracted with our happy life that we forgot we were once geeky kids.

Fast forward to prom dates, and our second daughter at age 16. The long-lost nerdiness began to creep back into our consciousness. We hadn’t changed anything, but our daughter, a natural beauty, and the center of the social circle at her school, began to see us in a different light. We were the Munsters, and she was Marilyn. She loved us dearly, but we were hard for her to endure. To make matters worse, she had an older sister who was a craniac concert pianist with a sardonic sense of humor, and who took perverse pleasure in embarrassing her little sister.

When Callie was 16, she was asked to the prom. She borrowed a dress from our beautiful babysitter and got her hair done. For Jeff and I, who had never been to a dance with anyone else, and for Katie, who avoided proms and dances like a plague, it was like watching a Miss America contestant get ready for the runway.

When she was dressed and ready with her hair put up, and the corsage on her wrist, she walked down the stairs like a superstar. I called Jeff and Kate in to see the “glittering reformation” of our little girl into a woman, and out walked Jeff and Kate with silly balloon hats on their heads, perfectly illustrating the differences between “Marilyn” and her geeky family. We all cracked up, including our beauty queen in her gown.

Our daughters, aka “Wednesday” and “Marilyn,” embraced each others’ differences, and to this day call one another by their childhood nickname, “fwiend.”

Kate, the pianist, attended Callie’s soccer games, and Callie attended Kate’s concerts. Their relationship is a lesson in love and tolerance because they are such different individuals, but they are sisters, and they love one another, and that’s all that matters to them.

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