Preggosaurus Rex

As a woman’s pregnancy progresses, she usually watches her body transform in ways she never imagined possible. She often doesn’t even recognize her own body anymore and can even feel less-than-human at times.

Pregnancy is so strange that toward the end, you might find you have more in common with a Tyrannosaurus Rex than you do your pre-pregnancy self.

Don’t believe me? Well here are just a few ways you could find yourself relating to the king of the dinosaurs.

  • Your arms can’t reach most things, even your other body parts.
  • You’re so ravenous, small animals near you fear for their lives.
  • A heightened sense of smell alerts you to the presence of anything edible.
  • The ground shakes when you walk.
  • You make inhuman grunts and groans as you try to stand up from a sitting position.
  • Your skin has new reptilian textures and markings.
  • Objects in your path are often destroyed without intention due to your overwhelming size.
  • You randomly let out emotional “roars” of rage that terrify everyone nearby.
  • You experience hot flashes so sudden and intense it’s similar to being caught in a rush of volcanic lava.
  • You’d swear the next ice age has arrived when chills set in as quickly as the hot flashes did.

In what ways did you earn the name “Preggosauraus Rex” by the end of your pregnancy?


12 Responses to Preggosaurus Rex

  1. Ha – I love it! That’s exactly how I feel right about now!! :)

  2. I love this! I could especially relate to making weird sounds when trying to stand (or in my case, getting out of bed). Hysterical!

  3. LOL! It probably was a pretty great sight seeing me put my socks on in the morning. And I had a terrible habit of running into everything with my belly, unaware of how far out there it really was! Ohhhh pregnancy! I love the t-rex comparisons though. So true!

  4. This is so hilarious :)

  5. Hahaha this list is hilarious and so true! :)

  6. This was totally me when I was pregnant, especially the noises when trying to get out of bed or trying to close a car door once I was in the car. I think I was lucky to be pregnant over the summer and only wear flip-flops… no bending over required.

  7. This is very relatable! Never thought about it like tgat but its so true and very hilarious!

  8. lol totally made me laugh.I definitely felt this way.

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  12. This is very true, have shared on my blogs Facebook page

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