Quick Cleaning Tip #3 for Busy Mamas

I hate— let me repeat, I HATE— having toys all over the floor. But with two kids under 2 years of age, it’s pretty much inevitable. That being said, baskets have changed my life!

We have baskets quite literally all over the house; it seems that we have as many baskets as we do toys. The benefit is that all toys have a home and I have been able to work with my oldest on helping clean up when he is done playing.

Not only does using this type of a system keep some amount of organization and cleanliness to your home, but it can begin to help create cognitive flexibility in your little ones.

In our playroom we have several different cubbies all with different color baskets. Each basket has a theme or category.

For example: one basket holds blocks, one holds plastic food items, another holds balls and another holds musical instruments. By creating this type of organization, you can help train your little one’s brain by asking them to help you sort the toys back into their proper baskets. Developmental specialists will look for this skill on young cognitive assessments.

Beyond the cognitive benefits, the obvious benefit of being able to quickly throw toys into an open basket at the end of the day (even if your little one isn’t around to help) is huge.

It is truly amazing how a simple five-minute task of throwing all of the toys into a space where you are no longer tripping on them can create some tranquility in your hectic life!


3 Responses to Quick Cleaning Tip #3 for Busy Mamas

  1. Baskets save my sanity too!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I have bins for toys, diapers, medicine, soaps, shoes, clothes…you name it. It’s like shoving everything into a closet and closing the door. At night I pick everything up and dump it the designated basket. Viola! a clean house!

  3. I love baskets! I might even have one for for my husbands never ending trail of clutter ;)

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