Ty’s Surprise Flip

Ty’s Surprise Flip

Mama: Heidi C.

Stats: 6 lbs., 14 oz., 20 inches

Type of Birth: Cesarean

Birth Location: Hospital

Primary Care: Obstetrician

I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant when I just felt different. The baby was lower and I started losing lots of my mucous plug, so I knew it he was going to be born very soon! Three days later, I knew this was the day. I woke up to contractions 10 minutes apart that slowly got closer and closer together as the day went on. I was told to “lie down and not get up” so as to delay labor for a bit while my hubby stood up in his best friend’s wedding. That afternoon, he rushed home from the wedding ceremony, we packed our bags and headed to the hospital!

Image by Lane Studio

At the hospital, they hooked me up to the monitor and saw that I was having pretty strong contractions every two to four minutes so they didn’t send us home. The nurse told us to go walk the halls for 30 minutes and she would check me again. Jon and I went cruising the halls, walking up and down stairs to try to get this thing going. I was basically running and doing squats as I did NOT want to be sent home.

After 30 minutes, I was about ten steps from my room when my water broke… everywhere— it was all over the hallway! I just stood there with wide eyes, laughing because I didn’t know what to do! But at that point, I knew we were staying. PHEW! It was around 10 p.m. on Saturday night so the nurse called my doctor to let her know I was there and, given that first time labors usually take a while, she would probably be coming in sometime Sunday morning to deliver the baby.

She gave me some sleeping pills to try to help me sleep and then BAM!, 20 minutes later the contractions got way more intense! It was hard to remember to breathe through them. I think I was about 6 cm dilated at this point. Jon felt so helpless! He kept trying to push on my back (because that’s where I felt the most pain) but nothing seemed to help.

I wasn’t ready for an epidural or anything yet, as I wanted to ride it out first and see if I could handle it. So after a couple hours, all of a sudden something felt different. I knew the baby had dropped even lower and I felt the need to start pushing. So we called in the nurse and she came to check me. She slowly pulled out her gloved hand and said,  ”Uh Oh!  Jon go turn on the light please!” I thought she was going to say I was at a 10 cm and the baby was ready to come out and that the doctor wouldn’t make it in time… but instead she says “I think we have a butt… not a head!”

I thought, no way! This can’t be right! After all, the doctor checked me three days ago and said he was head down and in the right position to be delivered vaginally. But when I looked at the nurse’s glove, covered in meconium, there was no denying that he was butt first and already pooping everywhere. Ugh!

I didn’t have time to be mad or angry as my contractions were so strong at this point and only about 1 minute apart. I remembered feeling almost a sense of relief thinking, “fine – just get it out!”  But little did I know, that meant I just had to sit there and wait while the doctor was called in at 2 a.m.

FINALLY! She got there … hooked up the ultrasound machine and sure enough – his head was up in my ribs and his butt was ready to come out! AH! (Apparently that was the reason for the intense contractions… His butt was so far down in the birth canal!) So of course I was rushed into a C-section!

I was so bummed on one hand because I really wanted to try for a vaginal delivery. But on the other hand, I was just ready to get him out. So, the OR team was called in. You would think that in a small town they would get here fast… not the case! It was over an hour before I was ready to be cut open. I had to sit there shaking through each contraction feeling like my bum was going to explode. All I could do was think, “I am going through these darn contractions for no reason?” They couldn’t even give me any pain medication because I had to wait for the spinal for the C-section.

That whole hour was a blur – but I do remember literally crawling up the hospital bed thinking that if my butt wasn’t touching the bed, maybe my back wouldn’t feel like it’s breaking into a thousand pieces or my butt wouldn’t feel like it was on fire.

Of course I was right in the middle of scrunching up in pain during a huge contraction when the anesthesiologist finally inserted the large needle in my back. I remember my left toe went numb and my left leg started shaking.

Everyone in the room stopped in their tracks asking “what do you feel?” It freaked me out thinking they might have paralyzed me, but the shaking quickly stopped. Apparently the anesthesiologist hit a nerve or something strange.

But, I immediately felt relief! AH — it was like heaven to not feel any pressure down there anymore! it’s so crazy how fast that thing works!
The rest is definitely a whirlwind of craziness. I was in and out of consciousness… but I’m not sure why.

My arms were strapped down, the curtain was up, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open for the life of me. I tried so hard! After all, I had no clue what sex this baby was inside of me and was anxious to find out! I felt tugging and pulling and some really nice lady talking very softly to me (no clue what she was saying though).

Finally at 3:51 a.m. I remember hearing “IT’S A BOY!” And I kept wondering why I didn’t hear any cries!

Finally – there it was… the most beautiful sound: his cry! The doctor had to really tug him to get his butt out and his legs were stuck in the air even after they pulled him out!

Jon went over to see him and all of a sudden I felt nauseous! The nice lady grabbed this tiny blue bag just in time for me to yack into it – over and over and over again; I guess I don’t react well to anesthesia!

They held my little boy to my face and I could see he had my nose and not much hair but couldn’t remember anything else until I opened my eyes and I was in the recovery unit. Later on, one of the nurses told us he must have been breech for a long, long time. His entire butt was bright purple and his boy parts were swollen and bruised. Poor kid!

So it turns out, my doctor had been wrong when she checked me the week before! She did feel awful for missing it, but I could have avoided everything had I just had her double check to make sure he was head first. I will always wonder, “What if I had gotten an ultrasound just to make sure?”

But you know what? I would do it all over again in a heartbeat just to have another baby just like him. Though it was very different than what I pictured in my head, it was still an experience that definitely made me stronger. Plus, his butt was so bruised from being so low in the birth canal that if he was head first, he would’ve had one major cone head!

But he is truly the light of my life and I didn’t think I could ever love someone this much! Being a mama is so amazing and I just thank God for giving me a happy and healthy, little baby! I now can’t wait to have Baby #2! Maybe this time I could try for a VBAC –  or maybe not — who knows!?  Only time will tell. Either way, bring it on birth… I’m ready for ya!

Image by Glimpse Photography

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  1. I can’t even imagine going through all of this Heidi! You are one strong mama :)

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