First Learning Construction Train

For Christmas, C’s grandma and grandpa bought her the First Learning My First Construction Train Set.

She is currently on a train kick, and so she was thrilled to have a train with working wheels that she could roll around the room. I was happy to see the colorful building blocks the train is comprised of.

C calls the train her “chugga choo choo” and plays with it just about every day.


The train is about 17 inches long and has a total of 18 separate pieces. It has three freight cars that link together with wooden pegs and four working wheels on each car.

The cars each have two wooden dowels on the top, spaced so that certain blocks fit correctly on certain cars. The blocks are all different shapes and colors.

While the blocks are, of course, interchangeable, I really like that the way the pegs are spaced allows only one way for every block to fit correctly on the train. C likes that she can arrange the blocks in multiple ways.

Some blocks are square, some are rectangular, some are triangular and others have some rounded edges, giving the child playing with it the opportunity to understand that some shapes will fit against others and in certain spaces whereas others will not.

It creates somewhat of a puzzle for her to figure out, and I really like that this helps C with shape recognition and spatial skills.

There are no sharp edges on the blocks; they’re all smooth. However, the insides of the holes in the blocks are not smooth and my daughter does stick her fingers through the holes. I find this to be the only con of this toy. While they aren’t sharp enough to cut a finger or leave a splinter, it isn’t pleasant to the touch.

The pieces are definitely durable— C has dropped and thrown pieces across our tiled floors and so far, nothing has broken or chipped. The wooden pegs and dowels seem securely fastened to the cars as well.

I have not seen an exact duplicate of this toy, including the same toy sold online by the same company. Each one seems to have slightly different shaped blocks and different colors.

I find this train to be very similar to the popular, but more expensive, Melissa and Doug version of the construction stacking train, and in my opinion, the First Learning version is a great, more affordable alternative.

This has been an excellent toy for my 17-month-old. It’s recommended for 18 months plus, but I do not see any small or dangerous pieces that would have had me stop her from playing with it at 15 months when she received it as a gift.

Where I bought it: It was purchased at Ross
How much I paid: It was a gift, but purchased for $7.99
Average price range: $7.99-$22.00
Where it is available: Amazon, Sears and various stores


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  1. Awesome. Great to know it’s so much less expensive than the Melissa & Doug wood train.

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