Little Partners Learning Tower

I picked up a Little Partners Learning Tower about four months ago. We adore it, but there are definitely some pros and cons.

As a single mom, it is the only way I am able to cook dinner for Little Man and myself without a) a whiny boy pulling on my leg the entire time or b) the suspicious silence that is never good in the presence of a toddler.

The tower keeps him occupied, but not restless, while I cook. This is very important now that he’s at a height that allows him to reach the burner knobs, and is always so curious as to what is in the oven.

The tower is very sturdy and there are multiple height levels to accommodate various heights and ages. I always place the tower either far enough away where he can’t reach the stove and give him a spatula to play with, or next to the counter with some crackers or fruit to munch on.

I assume as he gets older it’ll be great to have him help with more prep work, but at 21 months, he just isn’t there yet.

There are four height options for the base. We have ours set on the second highest setting. Little Man will climb into it with ease, but does need some help getting down.

One caveat is if the base is lowered and he attempts to climb in, it is a little bit of a fall. He hasn’t bumped his head yet, but I can envision it happening.

Little Man isn’t strong enough to push it around the tiled kitchen just yet, but in anticipation, I did add some rubber feet to the bottom to make it much harder to move.

Overall, here are the pros and cons of the item in our household:


  • It not only keeps Little Man occupied while I cook dinner, but gets him involved in the cooking process.
  • It can grow with him due to the various height settings for the base.
  • It’s a very sturdy piece.
  • Two little guys can fit in it. Our neighbor’s three-year-old has accompanied Little Man in it without any issues.
  • There are various accessories you can add to it, making it more versatile. We personally don’t have any, but I have seen an art easel and a playhouse/puppet theater.


  • It’s a very large piece and would not work well in a small kitchen.
  • My 21-month-old son can lower one side of the base on his own. It could make for a little tumble if he tried to climb in and I didn’t notice he had lowered the base.
  • It retails for $200. It is expensive, but it’s always worth checking out your local Craigslist as well.

Where I bought mine: I got mine on my local Craigslist
What I paid: $50
Average price range: Retails online for $199
Where it is available: Amazon

3 Responses to Little Partners Learning Tower

  1. This is such a helpful review! I just spotted a Learning Tower on CL and was considering it for my 2-year-old.

  2. I was just starting to look into these because my daughter is so curious and gets very antsy when I am trying to cook or clean in the kitchen. It would be fun to teach her to help with the dishes or help me cook! It is good to read an unbiased review, and also see the pros and cons. Thanks!

  3. I know my son would love using this since he loves to help me cook. But our kitchen is way too small for them. If they could create one that was a little smaller and one that could fold easily when we weren’t using it, then I’d be willing to give it a try.

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