Saving (Even More) Money While Cloth Diapering

We are a cloth diapering family, and proud of it! Even my husband regularly tries to convince other dads to cloth diaper their little ones. The second question we get most often after “isn’t it gross?” is “isn’t it expensive?” Here is how our family saves money on cloth diapering.

  • Shop the sales! For example, always has bundle packages of diapers on their sale page. Mom and Pop diaper stores are always worth checking out, and they tend to honor specific brands’ online sales.
  • Buy diapers used. Now, hear me out. The online cloth diaper market is HOT. You can buy brand new, never used diapers at a reduced price. And if you have a friend whose babies are potty trained, ask if she will sell (or lend) you her stash! This is also an excellent way to learn which type of diapers work for your baby.
  • Check out Etsy. There are tons of WAHMs who sell high-quality (and super cute) cloth diapers for less than big-brand diaper companies.

  • Repair your old diapers. If your diaper warranty has expired and the elastic is getting a little loose, don’t be afraid to YouTube ways to repair cloth diapers.
  • Don’t buy only one brand right off the bat. Try a few different brands to learn what works for your baby (and then sell what doesn’t work).
  • Do some math! If you will be having more than one child use cloth diapers, divide how much you have spent by the number of children who have used or will use them. While this doesn’t actually save you money, it sure feels good to see that the brand new 20.00 diaper, when used by three children, only costs a little over 6.00.
  • Line-dry your diapers whenever possible. This cuts down on your monthly energy bill cost, and the sun helps keep your diapers stain-free! If you live in a wintery climate, hanging your diapers to dry indoors won’t remove the stains, but it will still save you money.
  • Cloth diapers, when properly cared for, have a wonderful resale value.  Once your little ones are all potty trained, sell your stash!
  • Don’t splurge on expensive diaper accessories (right away). Diaper sprayers and pricy stainless steel trashcans are not necessary. Rather, a lidded trash can and a wet bag or plastic trash bag can be used as a smell-free way to store your dirty diapers until washday.
  • Don’t void your manufacturers warranty! Improper washing techniques can ruin diapers (PUL delaminating, broken snaps, leaks…). Even if your friend swears by ‘technique X’, if it voids the warranty, don’t try it!

Cloth diapering mamas, what are some ways you save money while cloth diapering?

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  1. Love these tips! So great.

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