The Baby Files

Things I thought I would never do when I was a mom: The Baby Files

  • Cloth diaper. Going into this I wanted to cloth diaper because I was as a baby. Now, I’m saving the planet one diaper at a time, which is only a perk to why I use cloth.
  • Use essential oils. I though oils were for hippies. This is not true, they are also for country families with lots of allergies.

  • Use time-outs. As much as I like to lay down the law, spanking isn’t for everything and time outs are effective.
  • Have a vaginal birth without an epidural. Since I had an epidural with my first, I thought this was the only way to go until I had a baby without an epidural. Pain is temporary!
  • Cry-it-out. As sad as this sounds, I think sometimes babies need to work out sleeping through the night on their own, really on their own. I’m one for two on this for my kids. So far Cry-it-Out doesn’t work for #2.
  • Nurse my baby to sleep each night. Nursing is an amazing gift from God to mamas and mamas to babies.
  • Babywear. Cause we all need two hands, right?!?
  • Take my toddler outside to look at the moon and stars before bed. This is so much fun. I love sharing the moon and stars with my little ones.
  • Workout via jogging stroller. I love jogging, and I love my babies.

  • Workout during nap time. I’m writing this during nap time which means I might miss my workout for today. Time is precious! So is your body.
  • Shop back-to-school sales for baby and toddler clothes. Even though your kids may not be in school, it is a great time to shop for their clothes.
  • Not care about messes: dirt, food, or the sick kind. I’m happy my girl plays outside and gets dirty. I’m sad she rejected her food for her latest meal. I’m sick because my girl gave me the stomach bug and I’m cleaning up both of our messes. Messes happen and you have to clean them up. Life is dirty.

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