10 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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The day I got my first positive pregnancy test is a day I will always remember — I was with my best friend who had also just found out she was pregnant and wanted to go to the store to buy another pack of tests, just to be sure. We got home and she took one test… pregnant! I figured “why not?” and took the other test; even though I thought it was too early. Guess what? Pregnant!

My husband was out of town, so I had to wait two days until he got home to let him know the great news. I bought and wrapped an “I Love Daddy” bib and a soft, green onesie that read “Beach Baby.”

Even though it’s likely that no one cares more about your pregnancy than you do, it’s still fun to spill the beans to your family and friends. Whenever you choose to tell — whether it is five minutes after you find out, at eight weeks, or when you’re safely through the first trimester, here is a list of fun and creative ways to announce your pregnancy to those you love.

1. T-Shirt If you have an older child, you can buy a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” t-shirt and see how long it takes people to notice. This would be fun at a family party or BBQ.  I let my co-workers know that I was expecting by wearing a shirt to our weekly breakfast on a Friday morning that said “Baby” with an arrow pointing down.

2. Say “Cheese!” – If you’re getting ready to take a family picture, have the photographer say “1, 2, 3…” and instead of “cheese” say “Kate’s pregnant!” You’ll capture their smiles and surprises on film forever!

3. Game Night – If your family is into game night, you can spill the beans in a creative way. Scrabble players can spell “baby,” “boy,” “girl,” “due,” “belly,” and “pregnant” (if you have really good letters!). You can play charades and act it out or draw a mom with a round belly during Pictionary. Some other games could be Buzz Words, Taboo or Up Words.

4. Frame It! – Give your significant other or your parents a picture frame with “Father” or “Grandchild” written on it with a post-it that says “Picture to be delivered in 9 months.”  You could also put your first ultrasound photo inside.

5. Get Creative with the Camera – There are tons of great photo opportunities if you’re into spilling the beans with a picture. This would be ideal for a couple that doesn’t have friends and family close by to tell in person.

Chalkboards with the due date make a great prop, as do road signs like “BUMP.” Or you can take the mama’s picture holding pickles and ice cream or the two of you holding a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce.

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One creative mama we know posted a picture on Facebook of herself, her husband and their one year old daughter next to a pair of newborn baby booties with the caption “Our family is growing by 2 feet!” That is such an adorable idea. Here’s another example:

Image by Cari Hollis Photography

6. YouTube – Videotape your first ultrasound and upload a private listing on YouTube. Email it to those that you won’t be able to tell in person.

7. Balloons – A cute and creative idea is to fill up your living room, nursery or crib (if you already have a little one) with blue and pink balloons and wait for your husband to get home and walk in. Surprise!

8. Dog Tricks – Teach your dog to put his paw on your belly when you say “Where’s the baby?”  It’s the best trick you’ll ever teach him!

9. Holiday Fun - If you’re super creative and artistic and would like to spill the beans around Halloween, invite people over for a pumpkin carving party. You can carve a stork or a baby into your pumpkin and wait for the surprised reaction of your guests.

If you’re waiting to tell people at Thanksgiving, ask everyone to go around the table and say what they’re thankful for – you will have a lot to be thankful for this year! If you’re waiting until Hanukkah or Christmas, put it in your holiday card! Sign it from Mom, Dad and Baby.  You can also make or buy ornaments that say “I love Grandma” or “Baby’s First Christmas” with the year.

10. Invite them to the Party – Send out party invitations or give favors that say “Happy Birthday.” List the baby’s due date as the “when” and the hospital you’ll deliver at for the “where.” Even if they’re actually not coming to the hospital with you, it’ll make for a great keepsake.

3 Responses to 10 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

  1. I loveeeeee all of these ideas!

  2. Such great ideas!!! We are trying for baby #2 soon and am excited to use one of these fun ideas.

  3. We went the ‘big sister’ tee shirt route. I took a photo of my daughter in the tee, made them into magnets + mailed them to the grandparents as we were living overseas at the time. My parents got the message right away while my husband’s didn’t - my sister in law had to call them to tell them to look closer at my daughter’s shirt. lol

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