A Quick Cleaning Tip for Busy Mamas

As a new mama of two, I started realizing pretty early on that I had even less time available to do things than I did with only one little man (was that even possible?!).

I decided that I would need to start multi-tasking and becoming a bit more efficient with things.

One of the best tips I have is trying to combine tasks that give you a little more “me-time,” if you will.

My favorite one, as of late, has been hopping into the shower to clean it!

While in the shower, you can spend a little extra time scrubbing, while enjoying some blissful time to yourself without anyone (including yourself) blaming you. You are scrubbing right?!

I have also learned that a dryer sheet works wonders to remove all the soap scum that might be building up. Comet is generally my cleaner of choice, so while I am showering I will sprinkle some all around the tub/shower and use the dryer sheet to scrub it clean. Of course this would work with any cleaning solution of your choice.

Get a chore done, enjoy some extra time to yourself and feel accomplished as you hop out of your sparkling shower.

One Response to A Quick Cleaning Tip for Busy Mamas

  1. interesting! I have never heard that about dryer sheets…. I have cleaned my shower while showering though. Thanks for the new tip!

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