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A Two-Year-Old’s Favorite Words: No. Me.

Image by cari hollis photography

My son is two. He is a pretty rad two. He currently has two favorite words. No. Me.

He has started telling us “no” in different tones and connotations.  The other day we thought it would be fun to teach him the word in other languages (at least it would be something different). No.









Image by cari hollis photography

Me. This includes, but is not limited to, wants to help, do it himself, when looking at a photo of himself, when he hears his name.

I sometimes wonder if he enjoys using these words because my husband and I laugh at (and with) him when he says them 60% of the time. (It’s not our fault, he is way too full of expressions.)

What is your toddler’s favorite word right now?







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Cari lives in the Los Angeles area, where she was born & raised, with her awesome husband & fun-loving son (born March, 2010). She loves to read, spend time with friends, bake, travel, and photograph anything and everything. She tries to get crafty, but that doesn't always work out so well. She is the first to admit that she hates to clean her house and is always looking for ways to make it easier. When she isn't chasing her toddler around she is a newborn, maternity, and family photographer and works for Mama Say What?! You can check out her work at

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  1. cherie /

    Very funny, fun and am happy to see you do something you are enjoying - the housework will always be there - don’t worry about it.

  2. Heidi /

    My son’s favorite word is Ball. Although it sounds more like BAH! Everything round is ball! Even candles! Yes - he tried to pick one up and throw it the other day! BAH BAH BAH! ;)

  3. My son’s favorite phrases right now are “c’mon Mommy!” when I’m doing something silly and “check it out!”

  4. Miriam R. /

    lilah’s favorite… outside and bite (sometimes I could confuse her for a puppy lol)

  5. Christy /

    Alexis loves “No.” and “Ohhhh nooooo”

  6. Charlene /

    My little guy Bentley loves everything about his Daddy who is a truck driver so every time he sees a big truck when we are out he yells “DA-DEEE”. Every time he sees anything that reminds him of daddy we all hear his favorite word!

  7. Corey /

    “I nun-nuh” with a shrug…code for “I don’t know”. He’s become quite crafy trying to trick my husband and I, hiding things and then claiming “I nun-nuh” when asked where these things have gone!

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