Adellyn’s Mexican Fiesta 2nd Birthday

Mama Brynn had a gorgeous, colorful Mexican-inspired fiesta for her little girl Adellyn’s second birthday! We especially love that beautiful DIY cake that looks like it’s straight from the bakery and the fun floor to ceiling “tent panels” made from $1 plastic tablecloths. Tell us in the comments about your favorite part!

What inspired the theme of the party?

A night of Pinterest stalking ultimately led me to a photo of a gorgeous Mexican fiesta. I loved how vibrant the colors were and as a bonus, Mexican fiesta food and drink is relatively inexpensive. I liked that I could just buy things that were colorful and fun and not have to worry too much about sticking to the “theme.”


What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

Probably the cake. I DIY’ed the whole thing and it took FOREVER. I baked about two “test” cakes in the weeks leading up to the real deal. The day before the party I bought a pound of pre-made fondant from a local bakery since that’s the one thing I couldn’t master. My sister-in-law and I stayed up late the night before and decorated it. It took about six hours! I also particularly enjoyed transforming our garage into a party space. We hung $1 plastic tablecloths from floor to ceiling to hide all of the tools and what not. It looked like a circus tent — so cute!

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who? What did you love about them?

None — everything was DIY, even the cake and the invitations!


What was your favorite moment of the party?

My favorite moment was helping my little girl blow out the candles and open her presents. She loved the attention and it made that awesome cake so much more worth it!

What were the birthday girl’s favorite moments of the party?

Adellyn probably enjoyed eating cake and opening presents the most; particularly her brand new Dora the Explorer backpack toy.


Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

Nothing. The party went off without a hitch!


Any advice you would give to mamas who are planning a party for their little one?

Take it easy and don’t go too overboard, but don’t cut back on the things you really want! You can make the party look great on a small budget and with little to no stress!


Happy birthday, Adellyn!

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