An Honest Assessment: Baby

The how and why of why we started using Honest Co. products is a long story, but we are SO glad to have discovered this brand, and could not be happier with most of their products. This series will focus on three of the four of Honest Co.’s product categories: Baby, Bath & Body, and Cleaning. The fourth category is Health and Wellness, of which I haven’t used any products.

E started out in Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers (we didn’t switch to cloth diapers till she was about 12 weeks old). We had your basic leaks, up the back blowouts, and diaper rashes. But as new parent we thought that was normal; everyone complains about those things! So I bought a $15.00 all-natural diaper rash balm and we dealt with it.

However, the last straw was when E was seven months old and we drove from California to Texas. We chose to use disposables for the drive, and by the morning of day two E had open, weeping sores on her entire diaper area. It was horrifying. She was still breastfed, so we were stopping at very regular intervals to feed and change her. We slathered her with (non-Honest) over-priced diaper rash balm, put her back in cloth diapers, and finished up our trip with a wetbag of dirty cloth diapers in the trunk (the very thing we had hoped to avoid by using disposables). As soon as we got back to California I went into a local store and bought a package of Honest diapers and haven’t looked back.

The Honest Baby category is comprised of diapers, wipes, healing balm, (and three newly added items) diaper rash cream, bottom wash, and baby powder. 

Diapers: Honest diapers have been a life-saver when E isn’t in cloth. We use them at nighttime, when I’m washing her cloth diapers, or when she has a babysitter. We have never had a leak or blowout, and she has never developed diaper rash or even redness while wearing Honest disposables.

E is a very heavy nighttime wetter and sleeps for 12-13 hours, but we still haven’t had any leaks, nor does she wake up because she feels wet.

A nice bonus is that the patterns are very adorable, and they have super cute options for both boys and girls!

Wipes: I love these wipes! They are very mild and soft, and have never irritated E’s bottom. We switched to Honest wipes for the same reason as the diapers: various big-name brand sensitive wipes were causing very serious sores and rashes on our little girl. Even now, at 22 months old, if someone uses a non-Honest brand wipe on her she breaks out in a rash. The quality is wonderfully consistent, though once in a blue moon my husband swears we’ll receive a pack that is a little drier than normal. The wipes are thick (no poop leaking through as you wipe), actually come out of the package one at a time (!!), and are textured on both sides. They fit in a normal-sized wipe dispenser, too.

Healing Balm: We have found this product to be worth its weight in gold (and it’s safe for cloth diapers!). From the worst diaper rash to mild redness, one application makes a noticeable difference. E has very sensitive skin, and something as simple as eating too much citrus and then having a dirty diaper can leave her fighting diaper rash for days. When we use the Healing Balm, her rash is cleared up, if not totally gone, by the next diaper change. It’s truly that amazing! We also use it as a preventive balm and will use it once or twice a day, even if E doesn’t seem to need it.

Diaper Rash Cream: I bought this cream on a whim and used it in place of her Honest Balm one day. I wasn’t overly impressed, and have not used it since it’s trial run last month. When baby #2 arrives I’ll try it out again so as not to waste it. I’d compare the texture to Desitin, but it seems to absorb into the skin better.

We have not used the baby powder or bottom wash yet. I doubt we will have a need to use the powder in the future, though we will be trying the bottom was out when we use cloth wipes before baby #2 starts in on solids.

Stay tuned for reviews on other Honest products from Michelle!

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  1. I’ve been using the bottom wash for the last month and I love it! It is great to freshen up my little’s bottom after a big bowl movement and for those tough to wipe off BMs. You can also use it as a cleansing facial spray as an added bonus.

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