Anara’s Curious George Birthday Party

Mama Say What?! mama Debbie threw her daughter, beautiful little Anara, a sweet Curious George party after her favorite show to celebrate her second birthday.

I am always blown away by Debbie’s creativity and ability to throw together such a fun party. Thank you for sharing it with us Debbie!

What inspired the theme of the party?

My daughter loves Curious George. Seeing him on the screen just lights her up. So when considering her birthday theme, I thought it was a no-brainer. It had been a busy couple of months and although I had thought a lot about her birthday I didn’t really get down to business until three weeks prior.

Once the invites were sent out I got to make my menu, shopping lists, and DIYs. We had “Hundley’s Hot Dog Stand” which included hot dogs, an array of toppings, potato chips and potato salad. We also had “Chef Pisghetti’s Ristorante” which included pizza, green salad and pasta salad. Everything but the pizza was homemade.

It was a three hour party with an hour for food, an hour for games and an hour for dessert. We played “Banana Toss” (into George’s mouth), “Pin the Yellow Hat on the Man,” and “Pass the Banana” (or “Banana-tato” as my four-year-old nephew called it after I explained it was the same concept as Hot Potato). While the birthday girl enjoyed a personal cake, the rest of the guests had self-served banana splits. After presents, the guests trickled out and the birthday girl went down for a much needed nap.

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

I was particularly proud of myself for keeping costs low. Keeping the menu simple, downsizing the guest list and DIYing everything I could made it possible. My favorite DIY was the Banana Beanbag Toss, made out of a (boot) shoe box and cardboard. I made the beanbags out of felt.

If you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

The only vendor we used was for our invitations. Dizzy Design Studio on Etsy creates a suite with a customizable child atop a big ball just like one of the iconic Curios George pictures. When I created a fair skinned, brown eyed girl with dark pigtails, it looked just like my little girl. It was perfect! I ordered them on a Friday and had them by the next Tuesday. They were technically my second choice, but once I received them I absolutely loved them.

What was your favorite moment of the party?

My favorite moment was seeing my daughter’s delight when we turned on her new bubble machine for the first time. It was bought for the party but we’ve gotten a ton of fun out of it since.

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

I wish I would’ve paid more attention to detail. Given more time I would have, but I did the bare minimum to start and planned to embellish IF, and only if, I had the time, which I simply ran out of. Always happens to me, which is why I can’t stress enough how much planning and time management factor in to a successful event. Did anyone but me notice? No. Did everyone have a good time? Yes. But for my own peace of mind, just once, I’d like to accomplish everything I set out to at a party.

What was the birthday girl’s favorite moment of the party?

Her favorite part was eating her cake. She quietly enjoyed it after everyone had sang to her (which she hates) and left her in peace.

Any advice you would give to mamas who are planning a party for their little one?

Keep it simple, make the theme about them, and plan, plan, plan!


Dizzy Design Studio


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  1. I love the beanbag toss! Great idea with the banana beanbags!

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