Anara’s Penguin Holiday Party

I am very excited to feature Mama Say What?!’s first holiday party!

Anara’s mama, Debbie is so creative and this party looks like so much fun. There is so much cuteness with the little penguins and I love that Debbie’s husband even got involved! This is awesome inspiration for a fun and simple DIY Christmas party.

What inspired the theme of your party? 

Nothing was really particularly “inspirational,” I just think penguins are crazy cute!

Is this party a family tradition? 

Yes, I’m proud to say this is “Anara’s Second Annual Christmas Party.”

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of? 

I was extremely proud of my husband’s thoughtfulness. He had seen me working on this party for weeks and he took it upon himself to arrange a surprise visit from Santa which the kids really enjoyed. Even the ones who were scared admired from afar.

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who? And what did you like about them? 

No! This whole thing was total DIY.

The invites were hand drawn and printed with Crayola markers on blank invite sheets that I keep on hand. I would have printed the text out but I was out of printer ink.

All of the games were made with items we already had. The bean bag toss is a re-purposed eBay purchase box wrapped in last year’s wrapping paper, with an attached cardboard penguin face. The fish are felt filled with dry beans. The “Pin the Beak” game was hand drawn on the back of the stock photo sheet that came in a frame. The beaks were cut out of construction paper. Penguin Bowling was made with six empty Coca Cola bottles, spray painted black and half filled with dry beans.

I spent about $40 on decorations, food and favors. I bought some snowflake candy bowls and napkins with blue plates to match at the local dollar store. I also picked up some glittery snowflake ornaments that I hung from the ceiling throughout the room. I bought about five different varieties of candy for decorating Rice Krispie treat igloos. I also served a mix of fresh fruit, bacon, egg and cheese mini frittatas and Jimmy Dean “Pancakes and Sausage” on a stick with juice to drink.

What was your favorite part of the party? 

My favorite part was when we played the games. The kids really had a good time with them — it wasn’t even in a competitive way, they were just having fun taking turns. Since there was no winner, everyone got a small prize. And hearing my daughter squeal with delight as she knocked down the penguin “pins” was definitely the highlight of my day.

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a holiday party? 

Pick a theme, set a budget and just have fun with it! Do as much in advance as possible! No matter how hard I try to do this, I am always scrambling on the day of. Hopefully one day, it will all go as planned!

2 Responses to Anara’s Penguin Holiday Party

  1. This is SO cute and super creative! I love all Debbie’s fun traditions, her little girl is going to grow up with lots of great memories.

  2. What an adorable party and a great tradition that your little girl is going to look forward to every year. And how awesome for you when she gets older and can help with the planning!

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