Annabelle’s Nursery: Team Green to Pink

When Mama Say What?! mama Jessica and her husband found out that they were pregnant, they opted to be team green (team green is waiting until their little sweet bundle was born before finding out the sex of the baby).

Choosing to be team green comes with its own set of challenges. Gender neutral rooms are not always easy but I think you can agree with me that this nursery turned out great!

Once Jessica’s adorable baby was born they were delighted to find that she was a girl. Jessica added pink details into the nursery to give it a wonderful feminine flair. I love this pink and green themed nursery and I know you will too!

Since you were on team green, how did you decide what “theme” you wanted to go with for your baby’s nursery?

We never really determined a theme, we were more interested in determining a base and then adding details after our baby was born. I knew that I definitely wanted a neutral or earthy color, and green happens to be one of my favorite colors. I figured if we had a girl we would add feminine touches to the green, and if we had a boy I would add more masculine designs to the nursery.

How did you make it all come together? Inspiration boards, all in your head or something else?

To say we started from scratch was an understatement. Like much of our house, the previous owners basically destroyed the room we chose for the nursery. We had to tear almost everything down and start from scratch. It truly was a group effort and a labor of love.

I remember watching the show Trading Spaces on TLC years ago and one of the designers had done a striped wall using matte and glossy paint, and I knew that was what I wanted to do! The issue is that in Ontario, they no longer sell indoor glossy paint, so when I chose the base green and went one shade darker in a semi-gloss.

I also knew that I wanted wainscoting or fake wainscoting (and we actually still haven’t done that), but we do have a chair rail for now. I did the taping, painting and stripping of popcorn walls/ceilings and my husband and father-in-law did the trim work and the closet.

What were your main colors?

The main color is green, and after we had our daughter, Anna, we added the pink colors.

Where did you find most of the items in the room?

Ha! Where didn’t I find an item would be the better question! Some were purchased in New Jersey, most were purchased in Ontario. The easiest way I think will be to break it down!

  • crib/mattress: Babies ’R Us
  • dresser: Canadian Tire
  • changing table: Zeller’s
  • chair & shelves: IKEA
  • baskets/frames/shadowbox: Michael’s
  • letters on wall/ lamp/ change pad: Walmart
  • pillow & canvas art: Bouclair
  • curtain/ piggy bank: Target
  • fan: Thrift store
  • sign: Shoppes of Smithville
  • clock: Canadian Superstore
  • side table: family item
  • cross stitch (on door and framed on wall): gifts

I shopped around a lot to try to find the best deals!

Were you on a budget?

Not particularly. I tend to be pretty frugal and try to DIY or buy everything on sale. I don’t think I paid full price for anything in her room. The biggest budget items were her crib ($250 cdn), mattress ($150 cdn) and my nursing chair ($250 cdn)… and all of these items were gifted to us by our parents.

Everything else was very reasonable — especially since we bought much of it in Canada, where everything is generally way more expensive!

Any tips for mamas on how to make their dream nursery come to reality?

Take your time! Almost all mamas feel that the nursery needs to be done before their little one arrives.

You might find, as I did, that even what you have done before your baby’s arrival will ultimately end up being changed as you find what works for you.

Also, the likelihood that your little one will be sleeping in their own room before they are four months is pretty slim. So, you have time to finish things up and change what you need to even after your baby is born.

Did you add girly touches after you found out you had a little girl?

Definitely! That was the plan all along. We decided on pink as a secondary color and went from there. I love the pink/green color combination!

What is Annabelle’s favorite part of her room?

This is kind of difficult to answer since she just turned a year old.

She doesn’t necessarily appreciate the artwork or anything yet. She loves anything she can crawl in, around, under or over. This includes the chair, the side table, and the changing table. She loves fans — her first sign was fan and she points to the fan and signs “fan” every morning! She also enjoys pulling all of her diapers out of the baskets in her changing table, haha!

7 Responses to Annabelle’s Nursery: Team Green to Pink

  1. LOVE the striped walls! That’s a gorgeous nursery!

  2. I agree those stripes look amazing!!

  3. Love the colours! It’s so cute:)

  4. These stripes look so beautiful. Could you tell me what colors/brand you used? Thanks!

    • Thank you :)

      I used Sico brand paint. I think it is a Canadian Brand- but I am not 100% certain. The color is called Bonsai Green (the lighter looking color) and that was in a flat paint. The darker stripes were one shade darker (I cannot remember the color name) and was in a semi-gloss!

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