Annabelle’s Rainbow 2nd Birthday

What girl doesn’t love Rainbows? This two-year-old had an amazing birthday party filled with the red-orange-yellows, right down to the middle of the cake. What’s even more impressive is her awesome mama made the cake herself! Jealous! Take a look at all the cute details and you’ll realize you don’t have to spend a fortune to throw your little one an awesome party!

What inspired the theme of the celebration?

I had seen a couple of parties online that were done in the rainbow theme. I wanted something that wasn’t overly girly that I could do pretty cost efficiently.

What was one element of the celebration that you are particularly proud of?

The cake! I followed this tutorial. It was definitely the aesthetic centerpiece. I put a lot of love and effort into it.

Annabelle's Rainbow 2nd Birthday

What was your favorite moment of the celebration?

Giving Anna the first slice of cake. She was in awe of all the pretty colors!

What was the birthday girl’s favorite moment of the celebration?

Anna loved having her friends over to play with and loved that her Pop was up from New Jersey!

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

I had ordered a cake from Costco so that I would also have a chocolate cake for our guests. I had put the order in a month in advance. I showed up at Costco in the morning to pick up the cake and they had no cake for me and no record of my order. I was not treated very nicely and they looked at me like I was completely full of crap. After about 20 minutes they offered to make me up a vanilla cake, which I declined because I specifically needed a chocolate cake. I wish I had never wasted my time with their bakery!

What advice would you give to other party planners?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. I either made all of the decor or got it from Dollarame (a dollar store). We had an appetizer and cake party and that was a lot less stress than the year before.



Definitely under $50 for food, cake and decorations.



Annabelle's Rainbow 2nd Birthday

4 Responses to Annabelle’s Rainbow 2nd Birthday

  1. What an amazing party! You did a great job on the cake. Wanna come and make a cake for my little guy’s 1st birthday? ;-)

  2. This is so cute! I love the balloons on the walkway and the cake is just fabulous.

  3. What a fantastic and fun looking party, great job Jessica! And happy birthday Annabelle!

  4. What a cute party theme! I loooove that cake!!! It’s so fun!

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