Annabelle’s Rainbow Dash Birthday

Mama Say What?! mama Jessica is definitely my hero! Her sweet daughter Annabelle recently turned three-years-old and surprised her mama with a request for a Rainbow Dash birthday party. Read on about how Jessica pulled it all together with a four-week-old baby girl by her side…I know, right?! Rainbows were the theme of his party from the banner, balloons, signs, napkins and of course, an amazing looking cake. 

Tell us about the party.

Annabelle’s third birthday was celebrated in Rainbow Dash fashion (My Little Pony). We had about 30 adults and 10 kids. We had a barbecue in our backyard, some games for the little ones, and an amazing cake made by my husband’s aunt.

What inspired the theme of the celebration? 

This year was the first year Annabelle really had an interest in deciding on the theme of her birthday. I thought for sure we would be having a Frozen themed birthday, but she surprised me by saying she wanted a Rainbow Dash birthday. So, I started my research to find out what exactly a Rainbow Dash was! Rainbow Dash is a My Little Pony, and Annabelle is obsessed with her!

What elements of the celebration are you particularly proud of? 

I was pretty proud of the fact that I was able to create some DIY décor and get much of the food ready and done, all while having a newborn. I can’t believe I managed to make the salads and decorate everything. I was lucky to have some help getting ready, and my Dad managed the BBQ during the party. My sister helped design Annabelle’s birthday banner, and our cake was done by my husband’s aunt.

If  you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

Kevin’s aunt has a new cake business called Summerhill Cakes. She does such a great job. She gave us Annabelle’s birthday cake, and a surprise cake with cookies to help celebrate Emilia’s birth. The cake was AWESOME!! Anna’s Rainbow Dash cake had two layers- a strawberry pink champagne layer and a lemon poppyseed layer. Emilia’s cake was a banana cake! Her cakes always taste amazing. You see cakes sometimes that look awesome and taste bad- not so with Summerhill Cakes!

What was your favorite moment of the celebration? 

Watching Annabelle run around with her friends. One of the older kid’s helped me out by running some games and activities with the kids. She had such a blast playing with her friends.

What was Annabelle’s favorite moment of the celebration?

Her favorite moment was definitely playing with her friends. They were bouncing balloons around in the house, and their giggles were contagious!

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

Part of me wished that I had just gone to an outside venue to host the party. It would have been easier on me with a 4-week-old infant to have the party somewhere else, but really I am just too cheap to pay for that. Looking back, I think most people had a good time. Some people were upset that the gifts didn’t get opened at the party. Usually I do open gifts so everyone can see, but we just ran out of time and the kids were tired.  

What advice would you give to other party planners?

Do what works for you and for your family. For us that generally means having a laid back party. Enjoy the moments with your kiddo and make sure to take some pictures!

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