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MSW reader Jessica asks:

“What’s on your “bucket list” before the baby arrives/arrived?”

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    Our bucket list for this little guy is not very long… start and finish the nursery! Yikes — I’m embarrassed to say that at 30 weeks pregnant, we’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff” but have yet to put the crib together, paint the walls or organize anything in the baby’s room. I’m typing this response sitting in the baby’s room on the computer (that will be moved out shortly)! My husband and I would also love to get away alone for a night. ~Mary Ellen M.

  •  If I was pregnant with number two I would try to get as much of the baby’s room done as possible. Also make some dinners that will keep in the freezer, set up some post-delivery playdates for TJ, get a mani-pedi, and take some maternity photos. I would also arrange for a birth photographer and possibly a newborn/family photo shoot and fill the DVR with shows I plan to watch while breastfeeding.  ~Alex T.
  • -Finish the nursery.
    -Redo our bathroom.
    -Buy another car seat.
    -Go to Dream Dinners and buy enough freezer meals to last at least six weeks.
    -Have a maternity photo shoot.
    -Have a spa day.  ~Bonnie N.
  • I would secure HELP with Katie, house stuff and day-to-day stuff for a few weeks after birth. I would get meals in the freezer for the weeks after. Oh yeah, and pick a name. ~Angie W.
  • We were so prepared before C arrived and I had three weeks to myself. I HAD to go for a mani/pedi at the spa. I finally went, had such a relaxing day to myself, and went into labor two days after  ~Kathy S.

Image by Cari Hollis Photography

  • I definitely had more things to do on my bucket list before getting pregnant, but now my bucket list is fairly short. Just getting the nursery ready and making sure my two-year-old is prepared for her baby brother. I also would like to work on meal planning on a regular basis so we are in a routine prior to the arrival of this baby. ~Christy A.
  • The nursery is done; Baby 2 is moving into Danica’s room. So my list is having Danica’s big girl room finished and have her transitioned to a big girl bed. ~Lindsay P.
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    -Expand my newborn cloth diaper stash!
    -Make freezer meals.
    -Find a birth and newborn photographer.
    -Sort through baby clothes. ~Jessica S.

  • This time around, my biggest goal was to have the nursery done for the most part (wall decor and other decorations weren’t a big deal) and all of the essentials on hand for when baby came. We had most of the stuff left from our daughter, so this was simple. We just bought our home a year ago, so there were a few things around the house I wanted to have finished as well (I put my husband to work!). I also made sure to have enough groceries and stuff for quick meals for my husband, daughter and myself. I knew I’d be down for a little while due to a planned c-section, so I tried to be as prepared as possible. ~Sam A.
  • This time - I really want to have the nursery done before she gets here — even though she probably won’t sleep in there for a few weeks. There’s just something about a nursery that gets me excited about baby coming! And now that we know the gender, I really want to have a name picked out, or at least have it narrowed down to two! My first didn’t have a middle name for 24 hours and it bugged me because I just wanted to make the announcement to everyone with his full name! ~Heidi C.
  • As I read all of the other responses I have to laugh… I also was determined to get the baby’s nursery done this time around (number three)! Our little girl is due any day now and I still have quite a few small projects and some major nesting I’d like to accomplish, but at this point (37 1/2 weeks) I’m feeling less anxious about getting everything done and more ready to see her little face. ~Miriam R.


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  1. Love all the answers, I just added a few to my list!

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