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Mama Say What?! reader Lauren B. asks, “How old was your little one when they had their first dentist visit?”

Anna recently went for her first visit, where she sat in the chair, got her teeth counted and poked a bit, and got to pick a prize out of the treasure chest. She was a bit over 3 years old. She goes for her first cleaning in a couple of months and she will be about 3 1/2 ~Jessica S.

I took my daughter in when she turned one because she already had all her teeth except her 2-year molars, and two pairs of her teeth on the bottom were fused together. I read on the internet that it was normal and okay, but I wanted the dentist just to look at the teeth and confirm that everything looked healthy. I also took her in after her 2nd birthday just to get her used to the experience, and I’ll take her in when she turns 3 this winter, since she now brushes her own teeth at night. I’ll ask them when she should start having cleanings. ~Christina D.

Parker was three, for a routine cleaning. He did awesome! We went to a pediatric dentist so that helped, I think. ~Amanda P.

My oldest had his first dentist visit just after he turned 4. He went when I got my teeth cleaned. He watched for a bit and got an idea of what to expect. The hygienist was so awesome about talking to him about what she was doing and making it sound super fun. She even let him choose what flavor toothpaste he got. Once it was time for him to get his teeth cleaned, he just wasn’t having it. He was a little freaked out by the chair moving… and when she started flossing his teeth, he was done. She never even got a chance to clean his teeth. 
The dentist checked his teeth out and told us his teeth looked great and that the quick visit was alright. We didn’t want to try and force him. We’ll try again at his next visit, which is coming up. ~Alex T.

N went with me every time I went for a cleaning (every 4 months), starting when he was like 2 months old, lol. As he got older, he would sit on my lap and watch them do the cleanings or hang out with the front office staff, etc. It was important to me to have him feel comfortable at the dentist. He had his first official cleaning at 3 years old. He was a champ and has had a few cleanings since. ~Cari H.

2 years old. I have a hardcore fear of dentists so I don’t want my kids to also have that fear. Each visit has been a great experience! ~Cassie S.

My little girl was only about 6 months old when she had her first dentist visit, because in Germany it is common for a child to go to the dentist when they get their first tooth. We’ve taken her a few times since then, too. It’s more about establishing a routine and avoiding any unnecessary fear of the dentist than it is about actually cleaning. We chatted with the dentist each time about teeth brushing, routine and care. ~Cassie W.

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  1. Thanks Mamas! I always wonder when I need to bring my kiddos to the dentist.

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