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Mama Say What?! reader Hanna S. asks, “I’m going back to school to finish my degree. Any tips from mamas who have been there?!”

Image by Brent Hoard under Creative Commons License

I’m currently in nursing school, working 2 jobs, and have 3 kids (ages 8, 3 and 1) so it’s doable but be prepared for long nights. Biggest key… Organization! Also can’t do it without my support system either. I got a nanny this semester and it’s been amazing! ~Miriam R.

I have struggled for six years to decide if I want to get my master’s degree and haven’t committed. I have finished one insurance designation (online classes and computer tests at special testing facilities) and am working on a leadership certificate program through work (also online and with mentoring, book reading assignments, etc.) My advice is to start small so you aren’t overwhelmed. If I don’t end up getting my master’s degree, at the very least I have furthered my education and added to my resume and still have some type of work-life balance. ~Sarah K.

You have to be prepared to not give something your all. Sometimes things will get the short end of the stick and that’s okay. Sometimes I do homework at work. And sometimes I have to answer work email during class. Just remember that it all evens out. ~Amanda P.

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It took me 28 years to finish. I stopped for every move and every baby. We moved 14 times. I finally finished in 2006. Keep going. Get good childcare. No guilt! They will be fine and you will be great! ~Sue F.

I was not in this position, but my own mama was! She had three children and then my father (her husband) passed away. She didn’t have a college education and knew that she needed one if she was ever going to make enough to support her family. She started attending classes during the day at a local community college while we were in school and just took 1-2 classes a semester. It took several years, but she did it! ~Mary Ellen M.

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