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Mama Say What?! reader Sara A. asks: “How did you decide which formula to feed your little one?”

The hospital started P on Enfamil, but he was spitting it all up. So we switched to Prosobee. That made him constipated, so we tried Gentlease and that was what ended up working. ~Amanda P.

I started out nursing both children, but once I started back to work my time and supply dropped, so we eventually had to switch to formula. We tried a few different types and brands, but found Parent’s Choice by Walmart to be our ‘match.’ Emma had reflux, so after trial and error, we found their sensitive formula to be best for her. With Matt, we tried a few, but the pediatrician recommended soy because he has eczema, and lactose can make that worse. However, at some point Parent’s Choice changed their formula (they say they didn’t, but the texture was funny and it upset his stomach!) so we tried him back on the sensitive. It’s lower lactose and it caused less spit-up. I’m so grateful for samples though. You can sign up through different formula companies’ websites, and that will help you find one that works for you without having to spend a lot at the same time! We had a couple samples of Similac Sensitive, and found it to work well, so we found a similar option through Parent’s Choice to try and save a little bit of money! ~Sam A.

I supplemented with formula when Ava was very young because she was dehydrated and I wasn’t producing enough. I used Enfamil and it worked great for us. Enfamil was the brand I was most familiar with. ~Denise B.

I nursed B until he was nine months old and then we stopped very suddenly. I returned to work and my body stopped responding to the pump. I had pumped every night to build a supply for eight months and then as soon as work began and we were apart…not a drop! He seemed to lose interest in nursing as well. I remember our last nursing session so clearly - he nursed for two minutes, popped off and tried to get down. I knew he was hungry and tried to nudge him back on. He bit me….and we were done! Just like that. Since we only had a few months before transitioning to cow’s milk, we bought the Target brand of formula. He handled it beautifully and seemed to enjoy it! It made the transition easier for me, knowing that he didn’t mind it. We just started supplementing with K, who is eight months old. I’m pumping, but not able to make enough for what he needs while I’m at work. I had two tubs of Similac, so we gave it a try and he seems to love it.~Mary Ellen M.

We tried a bunch of different formulas. We had Similac in the hospital, but I didn’t like the way it clumped up when mixing. Then we had a lot of gas issues, so we tried Gentlease. Then we just switched between the Target, Wal-Mart and Sam’s club gentle formulas (whatever was on sale) with success. ~Bonnie N.

I supplemented beginning at 2.5 months with my son and we chose Enfmail. Basically because I had heard Similac could be harder on babies’ tummies and I wanted something that would be easy and no hassle. He did fine on it and we used it until transitioning to cows milk at one year old. ~Melissa T.

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