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Mama Say What?! reader Maria S. asks: “How far along were you when you told your LO they were going to be a big brother or sister?”

About 3 months when everyone else started talking about it. ~ Melanie W.

I cannot remember exactly, but it was very shortly after I got my BFP; a couple of days at most. She was just over two-years-old. We waited to tell everyone else until I was 12 weeks along. ~Jessica S.

We actually told our families before we told our son. He was almost four-years-old and I was about 14 weeks when we sat him down to explain what was happening. Even though it was still kind of an abstract concept to him, he was very excited. ~ Alex T.

I think we told our daughter right away, but she was only one-and-a-half. We talked about it the whole time I was pregnant though, and she clearly understood more than we realized, because when it came time for me to go to the hospital, she looked at my husband and said “baby come out mommy’s tummy now?” ~Christina D.

Our son had only just turned one so we really didn’t tell him any special way. We all told the family together, but I don’t think he understood what was happening at that point. We just started talking about the baby as my belly started growing and I think he started to understand more around month seven or eight. We kept having him say different names we were thinking about to see if he liked them, too! ~Heidi C.

When we found out that we were pregnant with my second daughter we told my oldest daughter right away (she was four) and same with our third. We told both girls right away even though or middle child was only 14 months at the time and really didn’t understand what we were taking about. ~Miriam R.

Image by Andrea Lindsay Photography under Creative Commons License

Our son was 18 months old when we conceived our little one. B also has a disability which impacts his communication and though we talked about the baby from the beginning, I know he didn’t really understand what we were talking about. ~Mary Ellen M.

My daughter was only ten months when we found out I was pregnant. Of course she didn’t totally understand at such a young age, but she sure was excited to help me blow up balloons to surprise daddy! ~Cassie W.

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By Michelle W.

Michelle W. is a first time mama to Elizabeth, born in December 2012. She is the wife of a Marine, loves to sew, read, work out, and loves being a home manager (house wife). Her weaknesses are staying on a budget, almond sparkling wine, and Instagram. She tries to be the best wife and mommy possible, and believes there are no bad days, only bad moments.

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