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Mama Say What?! Reader Elizabeth T. asks, “Any tips to get my toddler to take her liquid medicine? Even the fever-reducers that really don’t taste bad put her in to a screaming panic attack as soon as she sees the bottle!”

I’ve had to hold him down before. And that was pretty traumatic. So now I just tell him if he doesn’t take it I’ll make him take it. It sucks but it works. ~Amanda P.

I mix E’s with a little juice and tell her it’s “juice” (which we don’t allow her to have) so she practically chugs the tiny cup. Since she is two, we have tried letting her drink it straight from the little measuring cup, but that didn’t work at all! ~Michelle W.

When TJ was a toddler he actually liked the taste of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen, so it was no biggie. He doesn’t like Claritin, which he thankfully doesn’t need to take often. Bribery usually works to get him to take it. He doesn’t like the Elderberry syrup that I make from scratch. But he drinks it if I’m taking it with him and we make it fun, like college friends taking shots. So far M seems to like the Tylenol he’s been given twice. ~Alex T.

Most of the time my son asks for more medicine lol. But on the few occasions he hasn’t wanted to drink it I convinced him to do it by offering a special treat drink for right after as a chaser. Orange juice usually does the trick since he loves it but doesn’t get to have it very often. ~Laura K.

It usually turns into my workout for the day! Seriously though, both my kids are wise to the fact that we mix it with food and they end up rejecting the food and then we waste the medicine. I try to hide it in a fruit smoothie, but we usually end up just holding them down and forcing it in. Not pleasant. ~Mary Ellen M.

The only time we ever struggled is with Zarbee’s. We gave up on that quickly because it was not *needed*. Other than that, we have been fortunate to only ever need pain relievers and (homeopathic) cough medicine. So I think we are lucky because none of those taste too horribly bad. And Elderberry syrup. We called that “TJ Medicine” when we started it because he wasn’t so sure and his friend TJ takes it, so the name has stuck. ~Cari H.

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  1. My toddler is in her terrible twos. She won’t take medicine of any kind from me in any of these ways. I sort of got her to take some Zarbee’s cough syrup with a spoon today. She will take anything for her daddy though! My kid! Ahh!

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