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Mama Say What?! reader Colleen Z. asks: “I am curious about using reusable wipes, but can’t deny the convenience of disposables. What did you use and why?”

I’ve done a mixture of both. I use disposables- particularly for poopy diapers after we started solids. I like cloth wipes for EBF poops and urine diaper changes. I also use a cloth wipe to dry off the diaper area before putting cream and a diaper on. I have a couple different types of cloth wipes. I have Bummas brand, Bummis brand, a handful of ones that came with my Prince Lionheart reusable wipes warmer, and a bunch of wipes I made myself out of two meters of flannel fabric. The ones I made and the Bummis wipes are my favorite. They are larger (8″x8″) and very soft. I have made my own cloth wipe solution using water, baby soap, vitamin e oil, and tea tree oil. I also will just use water for urine diaper changes. I have also tried wipes cubes. I have used them pre-moistened and ready to go and also dry with a spray bottle. It is definitely nicer to use cloth wipes when cloth diapering because I can just put the wipes in my wet-bag after they are used. ~Jessica S.

Bummas Cloth Wipes

I used cloth wipes for my daughter when she was in diapers, and I plan to for this baby, too. Believe it or not, it’s a matter of convenience for us. We cloth diaper, and it’s just intuitive to put the wipe on the diaper and throw them both in the pail. If we used disposable wipes, that’d be a laundry no-no — we’d have to throw the wipes away separately! We’d just make up a big batch of wipes solution (a mixture of water, olive oil and baby wash) and pour it over the rolled-up wipes in a wipes warmer. It’s easy, and really not much added work at all if you cloth diaper anyway. ~Lauren W.

Cheapie Wash Cloths

I found that cloth wipes (which I made out of the dozens of old flannel receiving blankets I got as hand-me-downs) and a spray bottle with plain water were way better than disposable wipes for the first six months while I was exclusively breastfeeding. One reason is that my daughter’s super-sensitive tushie suffered from constant diaper rash and disposable wipes (even the sensitive alcohol-free kind) made it worse. Soft cloth and water improved the rashes a lot. Another reason is that I could clean up a dirty bottom with just one or maybe two cloth wipes and toss them in the pail with her cloth diapers to be washed together. It took five or six disposable wipes to clean up her liquid-y poops and they had to go into the trash separately from her diapers. Once she started eating solids, however, it was a different story, and now we use disposables to clean up her stickier solid poop. Some cloth diapering mamas stick with cloth wipes all the way through but we found that disposables work better for us now. ~Christina D.

Homemade Wipes

We used cloth wipes on wet diapers for a few months (after Elizabeth had started solids), but it was a bit of a hassle to still need two trash cans (one for solid waste), as well as making the solution and fold the wipes every other day. I know that seems trite, but it’s the truth. For baby number two we will use cloth wipes right from the start, until he or she starts on solids. ~Michelle W.

Bummis Cloth Wipes

By Michelle W.

Michelle W. is a first time mama to Elizabeth, born in December 2012. She is the wife of a Marine, loves to sew, read, work out, and loves being a home manager (house wife). Her weaknesses are staying on a budget, almond sparkling wine, and Instagram. She tries to be the best wife and mommy possible, and believes there are no bad days, only bad moments.

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