Ask the Mamas: What Stroller Do You Use?

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Mama Say What?! Reader Jamie H. asks, “What single stroller do you use?”

We have quite a few strollers - I think…five actually! Our “main stroller” is a Graco Lite and we got it when we had our first baby because it matched the infant car seat. We’ve gotten a lot of use out of it and I think it’s an excellent stroller. We also have a double stroller (I’m not sure of the brand) that we got for free through It’s huge and heavy, but does the job if we are carting around both kiddos. The other three are umbrella strollers - one is a cheapie that we got for free at CVS with a diaper purchase years ago. The others I would consider umbrella strollers too because they’re so small and compact even though they’re much sturdier than the CVS umbrella. They were both bought at garage sales for $1 each (I couldn’t resist!). One is Graco and the other is Chicco. We like them both. ~Mary Ellen M.

We have a Graco travel system that is used for when baby is really tiny, but our main stroller has been the Baby Jogger City Mini. Easy to maneuver and folds up so quick and compact. ~Kathy S.

We have two Baby Jogger brand strollers. Our ‘every-day, leave in the car, bring on vacation’ stroller is the City Mini GT (which was also my jogging stroller before we purchased the jogger).  It’s an amazing stroller and I cannot come up with a single thing I would change about it! Stroller number two, my jogging stroller, is an older version of the Summit X3.  It is great, but is nowhere near as compact and light as the GT. When we have baby number two, we will sell our jogger (and maybe the single too) and get the Summit x3 Double.  ~Michelle W.

We have an EasyWalker Sky. It’s a brand that isn’t sold in the US anymore and the Sky model has been discontinued and replaced with the Qtro. I picked it up from a deal website in 2009 when I was pregnant with my oldest and I still love it. I purchased clips that allow me to attach my Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat to it when my baby is little. Then the durable fabric cover goes on when he’s a toddler. It’s a really well made, solid stroller with an adjustable handle, convenient pockets for storage, and it easily reclines for naps. With rear suspension and rubber, air-filled tires, it makes for a very smooth ride and very easy handling. I can maneuver through doors with just one hand.

We also have a lightweight, umbrella stroller: a MacLaren Triumph (read our review here). The Triumph isn’t as inexpensive as other umbrella strollers on the market, but it’s incredibly durable. I love how tall it is, especially since I’m 5′ 9″. I don’t have to hunch over when I’m pushing it. I like the Triumph so much that I bought a second one to keep at my mom’s house.

We just had our second baby and the strollers we purchased in 2009 are still going strong and we have no plans to look at another one. ~Alex T.

We have a BOB Revolution (great for running and rough terrain/heavier use) and a Chicco C6 lightweight umbrella stroller (great for travel and on-the-go uses). Until recently we also used a Snap ‘n’ Go, but we’ve just switched from the infant seat to a convertible seat, so that’s no longer useful-the umbrella stroller takes its place. Those three strollers will basically get us from newborn (with the infant seat adapter on the BOB) to toddler. I’m obsessed with the BOB! It is an amazing jogger as well as a fantastic all-purpose stroller. It folds up easily, fits nicely in the back of my Prius, and is my go-to in practically any situation. ~Lauren W.

I have the double BOB stroller - AMAZING!! The kids both love to ride in it when we go for walks and If I want to jog, it is so easy to push along. The front wheel swivels so it’s super smooth and easy to turn! I LOVE it! ~Heidi C.

We have two, a Jeep Liberty Sport X stroller and a lightweight Avalon stroller.

The Jeep one is an all-terrain, 3-wheel stroller that weighs 35 pounds. It has excellent undercarriage storage, a parent tray with two cup holders, a toddler tray, and a play steering wheel.

The Avalon is a lightweight meant for more indoor use or traveling. I picked it up on clearance from Zeller’s. It has minimal storage, no parent tray, and no toddler tray. I’d consider it to be a higher-end umbrella stroller.

We now have two kiddos, but haven’t invested in a double stroller at this point since we aren’t big stroller people. ~Jessica S.

7 Responses to Ask the Mamas: What Stroller Do You Use?

  1. I have heard a lot about BOB, but would like to know more about Britax and other strollers brand. Thanks for this article.

  2. I really want a Bob but they are so expensive! I wonder if there is something else that is less expensive but retains the quality!

  3. Thanks for this article! We’re stroller shopping now, it’s really useful.

  4. I have a Summit XC as my jogger and every day stroller and absolutely love it! I hope Michelle posts how she likes her double jogger or other mammas who have double joggers before we need one for number 2.

  5. Stephanie Ramalho Reply

    This is very useful! I’ve been trying to find a better stroller.

  6. Phil & Ted’s (Dash, Revolution, Classic, Spoet, whatever) all the way. Can’t beat it!

  7. I do not own a stroller. We are a strictly baby wearing family. I would consider a Bob dulie… If it wasn’t so expensive.

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