Ask the Mamas: Working out with Kids

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Mama Say What?! reader Cassie W. asks, “How do you manage to work out when you have kids?”

Great Question! For the longest time, I didn’t. Thought I didn’t have the time. Now, I don’t have the time NOT to! I realize I feel so much better when I work out and that I am a much better mama and wife if I have that one hour of me-time to workout a few days a week. I either get up early before my husband goes to work or sneak in a quick workout on my lunch break or sneak away at night after my husband gets home. Sometimes, I even bring my kids with me as I go to a kid-friendly Crossfit gym and they enjoy running around with other kids there. Gotta do it for yourself!! ~Heidi C.

A jogging stroller! That, and a Y membership (free child care). ~Lauren W.

I try to fit working out in whenever I can - even if it’s before work at 4:30 a.m.! Sometimes, I’ll do a workout DVD in my living room. Pinterest also has some great at-home workouts. When the weather is nice and it’s light out in the morning, I’ll run in my neighborhood while my husband and the kids are snoozing. I trade off with my husband on the weekends so I can go to the gym (and he might play golf or see a friend).  ~Mary Ellen M.

I have a running partner who meets me at a nearby track after our kids are in bed. We were meeting about 3 times a week to run between 2 and 3 miles together, although I’m taking a break from high intensity exercise right now. ~Christina D.

I am still participating in Stroller Strides, 19 months later (though at a different franchise location due to moving from California to Texas)! I am able to get in a HIIT-style or Barre-style work out every morning, 6 days a week, with Elizabeth along for the ride in her stroller. We have an indoor location as a backup in case of poor weather, so rain or shine, heat or cold, I have no excuse not to go! The workouts can be modified to your appropriate intensity level (including pregnancy modifications), and the friendships that both mommy and baby make are wonderful. I started Stroller Strides at 8 weeks postpartum and haven’t stopped. The body and attitude changes I have experienced are just wonderful, and the supportive community is awesome!! Plus, having my daughter see me love to work out AND love my body is such a great gift to pass on. ~Michelle W.

This is something I’m constantly struggling with. I have a preschooler and seven-month-old at home, and during the spring and fall, we visit a handful of local parks and I walk, either with my stroller or babywearing, while my oldest rides his bike. It was a good workout for me; easing my way back to some sort of level of fitness after my youngest was born. But now that the weather has changed, I’m struggling to find something for me other than mall walking. Joining a gym isn’t in the budget either. I just downloaded The Babywearing Workout and am going to give it a try. I am also thinking about getting back into some yoga at home. Maybe my oldest will do it with me. ~Alex T.

A new 24 hour gym is opening right around the corner from our house so I jumped the gun and signed up early. With three weeks left of this pregnancy, I’m anxious for baby to come and then to get the green light to start working out again! My plan is to go in the evenings after our oldest is in bed. That will be my designated ‘me’ time. ~Kathy S.

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