Go-To-Gifts: Baby’s First Birthday

Every time I have been invited to a first birthday, I always ask the mom, “what does your baby need/want/like?” Then I get a bunch of ideas of what I could get and I am left debating. Do I get clothes? Toys? Crafts? If only there were a list…

  • Clothes

What child doesn’t need clothes? When a baby gets to age one they have normally exhausted all of the clothes that most people bought for the shower, pre-birth gifts or clothes friends lent.

I remember when we had our daughter, she was easily dressed for the first year. (Do not mistake that with me not buying her clothes, I was still a shopaholic!)

You can’t go wrong with clothes! Seasonal items can great gifts because it could be something the parents have not purchased yet because of the birthday coming up.

For spring birthday babies, an ideal gift would be a rain jacket, rain boots and an umbrella.

Summer birthday babies would love a swimsuit, sandals and a cute little summer dress or light button up shirt.

Mamas of autumn birthday babies appreciate sweaters, warmer shoes and a light coat.

In addition, winter birthday babies would love a snowsuit and winter boots. Of course, all of these depend on where you live and what your climate is like.

Whenever you are buying clothes, be sure to ask the mama what size her little one is wearing. All babies are different, when my daughter was one she was in 18-24 month pants!

  • Toys

Toys are always a party favorite! You really can’t get a toy that a child will not like. When buying toys, talk with the mama to see what kind of toys she is looking to add to her baby’s collection. She may be looking for educational toys, books, noisemakers, or a combination of all.

Toys for boys and girls are traditionally different in most people’s minds, but— I have good news— boys and girls will play with many of the same things. Both boys and girls can use toys like play kitchens, shopping carts, and play food.

Of all of my friends I am the only one with a daughter, but, all of my friends’ sons adore our play kitchen and it is the first thing they go to when they are visiting. Along with Georgia’s kitchen, she has a shopping cart. She loves to push it around and “collect” groceries.

Books are always another “toy” usually well received. A child can never have enough books, in my opinion. Story time is a very special time in our house! Not only is it fun for the child to read the stories with you, but it provides a huge learning opportunity.

Through books, my daughter has learned what different animals are, what sounds they make, different colors and shapes. Books can be purchased easily though Amazon or in common retail stores. Never underestimate the power of a book!

Hands-on toys such as sand/water tables, small slides and activity tables are great interactive toys for any child, not just summer babies. These can easily be used inside as well as outside. The sand/water table can be filled with rice or something you can vacuum and a slide is always fun to put on a carpet and use repeatedly.

Puzzles, shape sorters and matching games are great for kids that have just turned one. This can really help develop their recognition of shapes and objects that should match. Georgia received these items for her birthday and loves them, she still uses them now. At first it might seem difficult, but once they get it the pride they show is so worth it! The can be a great gift for any child!

One of the best toys in our house is the chalkboard easel from Ikea. She loves taking the chalk and writing all over it. We spell her name out and she “colors” the board. We spend hours with her chalkboard drawing funny pictures and making pretty rainbows.

Remember, whatever toy you buy, it is very likely the child will like it. I do recommend, however, checking with mama first to see what she is looking for and what they really need. While a child can love all of his other toys, they probably do not need very many.

  • Crafts

At this age, children are starting to become very creative, whether it is with drawing, coloring or using glue. Crayons, markers and paper are great ways to encourage their “writing” skills, not to mention how much fun it is for you to color as well.

At our house, we love to glue macaroni to paper, color print-outs of animals and use our window markers from Walmart! All of these things would make great gifts to give to a child to explore their creativity.

All you really need to do is go to the art aisle at Walmart or take a quick run to Michaels and you can easily find age appropriate craft kits for the little one’s birthday!

Sometimes it is easy to dread figuring out what to get for a first birthday. What do they like? What will they use? Just remember, ask the mama, take her ideas and put your own fun, creative spin on it!

4 Responses to Go-To-Gifts: Baby’s First Birthday

  1. This is a great list! Thank you :)

  2. My son LOVES his play kitchen. I found it at a consignment sale for a great price, and I’m really glad that I bought it. It was great for independent play at first, and now he is really using his imagination with it. :)

  3. My son adores his play kitchen too. He just turned 3 and still plays with it every day.

  4. Love this article. It’s always so hard to find the perfect first birthday gifts because you know how special the day is to the parents. I always want to get them something that is useful or fun rather than just something with a date on it or something they will put into storage and never use.

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