Go-to-Gifts: The Baptism

All too often I have found myself invited to a baptism without a single idea of what to gift that beautiful baby! Do I buy a religious gift? Do I just give money? Do I buy something practical? There are so many options of what you can give such as traditional to religious to modern!

Traditional Gifts

In general, traditional baptism gifts will involve something made of silver. Gifts of silver started way back before any of us were born, right around the 17th century. It was commonly given by the godparents to the new child; however, it has been known to be given by friends and family as well. The most common silver gift is the silver spoon, bestowing wealth on the young one.

There are several other silver gifts that are quite common for a baptism. These include items such as rattles, cups, porridge bowls (often referred to as a porringer) and full sets of eating utensils. Gifts of silver are typically engraved for the child with the baby’s name and birth date, and on occasion the giver’s name. Gifts of silver can become heirlooms and can be passed down from generation to generation!

Religious Gifts

Religious gifts are some of the most common gifts given for a baptism. Because a baptism is essentially bringing the child to lead and follow God, a religious gift is often viewed as appropriate. These types of gifts generally come from family or very close friends to the parents.

Baby’s First Bible

A perfect religious gift would be the baby’s first bible. As the baby grows into a toddler and into a young child, the parents will appreciate this gift to help their baby understand their religion as well as the purpose and meaning of their baptism. This gift will be used for many years to come!


In the catholic religion, in particular, the rosary is a very strong religious symbol. This gift would be used throughout life for the child during religious ceremonies or times of trial. The rosary will be a constant reminder of their unwavering faith.

Wall Cross

These crosses are generally hung over the baby’s or child’s doorway as protection from the Holy Spirit. The cross will serve as a beautiful reminder of the commitment that was made at the baptism.

Religious Poem

I most often think of the Footprints in the Sand poem as a keepsake gift for a baby or child of any age. This poem is a constant reminder and reassurance that the Lord is constantly walking beside you through all of your trials and tribulations. The Lord’s Prayer is another traditional poem that would serve as a memorable gift for the child.


Jewelry is a perfect gift to give to a baby whose parents are very close to you and will often come from the parents to the child. This includes, rings, bracelets, cross pendants, earrings or pins, to name a few. Some jewelry, such as bracelets or rings, can be personalized with an engraving of the child’s name or the child’s birthstone.

Modern Gifts

Modern gifts are more conventionally given to the child by friends of the family. These gifts tend to be less religious and traditional in nature and are generally not as personalized.

Picture Frame

A beautiful picture frame is always a great gift! The frame can serve as a home for a picture of the baby from the baptism and of many more pictures to come in the future. You can also engrave the frame with the baby’s name or a small sentimental quote. Bonus points if the frame is silver!

Keepsake Book

Similar to a baby book, a keepsake book is meant to hold on to, well, keepsakes. This would be things like art the child has done, special memories or photos. This book would generally be used after the child has “outgrown” their baby book and are into their school years.

Blankets & Outfits

What baby doesn’t love a soft plush blanket or a new outfit to wear? These are two easy gifts that can be picked up quickly and will be very much appreciated. If you have a little more time prior to the baptism, embroidering the blanket is a nice added touch!

Inspirational Figurines

My mom has always bought me Willow Tree figurines, they are beautiful. They have a figurine for every occasion! These pieces of art can easily be taken with them throughout childhood and adulthood and be shown on display. A collection is very easy to get going; I think I have seven!

Monetary Gifts

Money or savings bonds are a very popular gift for baptisms. The monetary value should range depending on how close you are to the family. Anything from $20 upwards of $100 would be acceptable.

Baptism gifts can be among some of the hardest gifts to buy simply because there are so many different avenues you can take. But as you can see here, there are many options to consider and you will always choose the right gift, no matter which avenue you travel!

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  1. what a great article! I never know what to get a baby for a baptism!

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