B. Times Square Activity Cube

When I first received the B. Times Square activity cube, I was excited because I’m always drawn to the cute and colorful toys that B. makes.

However, this particular toy is just not functional, in my opinion.

It boasts “six sides of fun” including a bead maze, clock, shape sorting, a piano and a phone. I have problems with every single one of these.

The bead maze is so cramped and it doesn’t allow the beads to move smoothly. Sure, they’re cute shapes and they light up, but that’s it.

The clock is fine if it were just a clock, but it also serves as the door to store the number and letter shapes. You set the time to 12:00 and it unlocks. My 17-month-old daughter has not quite mastered this and she typically just lifts and shakes the whole cube trying to free the shapes. Once they are out, the bottom shapes especially don’t go into their slots easily. They can get caught against either another shape already inside or the locking mechanism behind the clock.

The piano and phone caught her eye at first, but when we first received the cube, the battery life was low and it was barely audible. Once I replaced the batteries, which required unscrewing a panel with one of those tiny (inconvenient) screwdrivers, it sounded better but still didn’t keep her attention long.

The phone is on a very short tether and it seemed to confuse her that it only had four buttons that were different shapes instead of the actual 12-button touch pad that she’s used to on a normal phone.

The entire toy has just been a source of frustration for her; she wants to play with the beads, but they get stuck, she wants to sort her shapes, but they won’t go in, she wants to put the phone to her ear, but the tether is too short, etc.

I finally put it away and plan to donate it.

Where I bought my model: I received it as a gift, purchased at Target
How much I paid: It was a gift
Average price range: between $32 and $40
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

Guest Mama Debbie is the mother of one adorable daughter, A. She’s a full time working mom who tries to squeeze in as much quality time as possible. She loves all things food related, to take long drives alone, read when she gets the chance, and to relax at the end of the night with her husband on the couch.

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