Baby Bullet Review and Giveaway

My first time around in the mothering department, I was never interested in making my own baby food. It never even sparked my imagination to try. My son Gavin was strictly Earth’s Best jar food fed, and he LOVED it (maybe only because he never knew anything different). I have nothing against the jarred food and would go back to it if necessary, but with my second baby I just had a new mindset - lets MAKE HER FOOD!

I had heard a ton about making baby food; how easy and quick it was, how much better it was for baby, how good it actually tasted. I figured with this being my second baby “why not?” this go around. As if I already didn’t have enough on my plate as a full time working mom of two.

I got the Baby Bullet in the mail and immediately pulled out the informational booklet to start checking everything out. I liked the recipes and thought the instructions looked pretty self explanatory for making the food. Although I had some concerns with storage, I quickly figured out some ways to work around my issues and how we would keep it simple and easy.

Taking the Baby Bullet pieces out of the box, I felt a bit overwhelmed. (It was the same overwhelming feeling I got when assembling my breast pump for the first time, so I knew once I figured it all out everything would make sense to me). The pieces are labeled in the book and are easily distinguished from one another and once I had everything set out in front of me, it started to make sense.

Since the Baby Bullet is BPA free, I washed all the parts in the dishwasher before the first use to make sure they were thoroughly cleaned although the booklet tells you not too. As a working mom of two it’s a bit of a pain not to be able to just drop everything in the dishwasher. So this is one con if you are an avid “directions follower”.

My one major concern as mentioned above, was if there would be enough storage for the food as the boxed set only comes with six individual containers (Date Dial Cups) and two Easy Pop Batch trays and lids. They are supposed to hold two weeks worth of food. However, if I wanted to make a good amount of different flavors at one time I would have to either 1) buy additional pieces/accessories from Baby Bullet online or 2) improvise. I ended up improvising.

The first foods I made in my Baby Bullet for my daughter were sweet potato and green peas. After the initial softening of the vegetables, pureeing in the Baby Bullet was a breeze. I steamed the peas and actually microwaved the sweet potato (because I heard boiling actually causes the food to loose nutrients) and then I just tossed each veggie into the batch bowls, added the recommended amount of water and pureed. It took maybe 60 second to achieve a good consistency. SO easy and her food was ready!

I don’t think the Baby Bullet’s basic functionality is much different than any normal blender with the results you achieve, but I like the idea of using it ONLY for baby food and saving your normal kitchen blender for other cooking/baking/food processing needs. Also, it’s the perfect size for exactly the amount you need for baby. Another major perk is that it really is super easy to use. You just place your food and water in the batch bowl or short up, add the correct blade, press into the power base, twist and the Baby Bullet works its magic. You can push and pulse until you reach the correct smoothness for your baby which is nice to personalize for baby’s needs.

There are two different blades. The blend blade which is used for most of the pureeing of fruits and veggies and the milling blade which grinds the brown rice and cereal. Both of the blades worked relatively easily and I didn’t have any issues achieving the proper consistency except a few times with thicker recipes. Some foods are a bit tougher to puree, and you have to work a bit for the right smoothness, but it wasn’t an issue that turned me off.

The first foods actually looked great. Both the sweet peas and sweet potato had vibrant color to it and just looked healthy. I tasted it of course, and it was actually quite good and (not) much to my surprise, much better than the jarred food I had fed my son.

With my second attempt using the Baby Bullet, I upped my game. I invested in some ice cube trays for additional storage and took a night and went to town. I planned out oatmeal, bananas, pears, squash and carrots.

Much like the first time, after softening the food, pureeing was quick, easy and the blades achieved the perfect consistency. With a quick wash, I was able to do one food after another.

My daughter has loved every food I have given her so far. She gobbles everything right up and always gets excited when she sees the date dial cups come out of the fridge.

I ended up buying good quality ice trays as I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the additional Baby Bullet Spare Parts for storing and once the food was frozen, I popped it out of the trays and transferred it all to freezer bags for later use.

All in all I really like the Baby Bullet and making baby food.

Most of my complaints about making homemade baby food stem from storage issues and foods that go bad quickly. Being a working mom, it’s not always easy to make baby food at the drop of a hat and I like the convenience of being able to keep the food in the fridge and at my fingertips longer. Maybe after using it a bit more, I will figure this all out a little better.


  • Super easy to use, purees in only a couple of seconds and has available instructions on how to achieve proper consistency.
  • Great ideas and directions in the booklet for delicious foods in every stage for your baby. Lots of options.
  • Two different sized bowls (batch bowl and short cup) make it easy to create different amounts of baby food. I like the idea of using the batch bowl to make a larger quantity of food to freeze and using the short cup to puree the food the rest of the family is having for dinner to feed to my little one.
  • The food really does taste delicious.


  • Not enough storage for large batches of food.
  • Not supposed to put Baby Bullet parts in the dishwasher which is a lot more convenient than hand washing.
  • Blades are not always strong enough to puree ALL types of food quickly, some of the thicker foods take longer and a little more work to achieve proper smoothness.
  • The recipes are not always accurate to how much baby food you actually end up with. It seems like it is consistently a bit less food than shown.

All in all, I would highly recommend the Baby Bullet to any mama that is looking to make their kiddo’s baby food over jarred food. None of the cons I mentioned would deter me from giving it as a baby shower gift or from continuing to use it for my little girl.

Baby Bullet has generously contributed a Baby Bullet machine and accessories for one lucky Mama Say What?! reader! Enter below and good luck!

Must complete first four entries to win. Must be a resident of the US or Canada. Contest begins on Wednesday, December 11th and ends on Tuesday, December 18th at 11:59 PST.

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38 Responses to Baby Bullet Review and Giveaway

  1. I used jarred/pouched foods mostly with my first. Then with my second I tried the nurtureme organic powdered foods. Those were nice; organic and I could mix it with breastmilk, formula or water, and make it the consistency we needed at the time.

  2. I also used jarred food with my first one (8yrs ago). Created my own food for my second little guy and hoping the same for the last one! Great review or the baby bullet.

  3. What a great baby gift!!

  4. With my first, we did half and half. With lur new guy I would really like to only make our own

  5. I use mostly jarred food but also make some. I would love to be able to make more of my son’s food!

  6. My baby girl is about to start solids! I wasn’t sure about making my own baby food but after reading about how much easier it can be it definitely seems like a better alternative!

  7. I’d LOVE this so I would know exactly what is going into my baby.

  8. I have been using gerber baby foods. Would love to try the baby bullet!

  9. I love my baby bullet and can’t wait to make baby #3 some yummy, healthy foods!

  10. i dont beleave in baby food that y can buy iam old sckool like to make my own for my granddaughter it is more safe this is really nice idea for all moms

  11. This would really help ensure my baby is eating real food

  12. Thanks! I love making my own baby food :)

  13. I made my own, but this would have made life a lot easier!

  14. I used jarred food when my 7-year-old was a baby, but I definitely know that fresh is better and would definitely like to prepare my own for my baby boy when he’s old enough.

  15. I made all of my daughter’s baby food and plan to do the same for our new baby next year.

  16. With my first two, I used jar food only. I always wanted to try making my own baby food with them, but I just never got around to it. Jar food just seemed so much easier with a long work schedule. With my third child, I’ve been making a lot of homemade baby foods and I LOVE IT!!! Being a stay at home mom has definitely helped out as well. I don’t have to freeze much if any at all. When it’s time for breakfast, lunch or dinner I just put something on the stove or in the microwave then pop it in the blender and done! So much tastier and I know exactly what I’m feeding my baby. Not to mention cheaper!

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  19. I buy jarred food.

  20. I used some Earth’s Best baby food and made some as well. It was hit or miss with my picky eater.

  21. With my son, both my husband and I loved making his baby food, and we were both working full-time. It was a fun activity we did on weekends together. He got a few of the fruit pouches too, but we made almost all of his food and will again with our second baby. It saved us money too.

  22. I used jars and made some, depending on time and schedule.

  23. I have not made baby food before, but your review makes the Baby Bullet look super easy. I like the easy of it and that you put it in the dishwasher even though I understand the booklet says no.

  24. I used jarred food with my first. I would love to try to make homemade food this time around for my daughter.

  25. We’re using jarred but I would love it if we could make it at home!

  26. I’ve used jarred in the past, but would love to have the ability to make a fresher, healthier product!

  27. What a great baby gift

  28. We used jarred but after reading what is in some of the foods I would like to make it for our second

  29. I haven’t had any experiences yet. I’m expecting baby #1 and want to try making my own baby food. I really want a baby bullet but hubby thinks it’s a waste!

  30. Marie Constantineau Reply

    i made my own

  31. I used jarred.

  32. What a great giveaway! I’ve made both of my kiddos baby food, but used some jarred when we’re traveling or for a quick convenience. But I much prefer making my own!

  33. We used jarred.

  34. I am having my first baby and don’t have experience with baby food yet. I want to make baby food though. THis would make it easy.

  35. Awesome giveaway! My baby is turning 6 months on January 2 so I hope I win so I can make my baby some organic baby food! :)

  36. I did both and I enjoyed making it,,now its turn for my kids to make it for my grand babies

  37. Definitely used Jarred. I’m not a creative recipe maker.

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