Beckett’s Sip and See

In the Midwest, and especially where Mama Say What?! reader Heather is from, it is considered bad etiquette to have a shower for a mama who already had one for their first baby.

Instead, they throw a party called a “sip and see,” which is a casual meet-and-greet after the little bundle has arrived. I love this idea and this adorable party!

What is a sip and see?

It is a casual celebration usually held a few weeks after the baby arrives. It is an open house style party with a two-to-three-hour time frame for guests to come and go as they wish.

Guests SIP champagne or other drinks, and may have light appetizers while they SEE the baby. It is a great way for everyone to meet the baby all on one day so that the new parents’ home doesn’t feel like a revolving door of guests.

What inspired the theme of the sip and see?  

Beckett’s uncle is a coffee roaster, and Beckett’s dad is the family coffee snob, so it was only fitting for a cold February day that the theme of our Sip and See be “coffee.”

The decorations were shades of brown with pops of blue. Of course several different flavors of coffee were served with various flavored creamers and other yummy additions. There was also a hot chocolate bar. Light appetizers were served.

Was the event co-ed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

The event was co-ed. All of our family and friends were invited to celebrate and meet the new addition.

How old was the infant when the party was held?

He was one month old when we held our gathering. A month gave his mama just enough time to figure out his nursing and nap schedule and plan the event around those times as best we could.

Did you work with any vendors? What did you like about them?  

The event was hosted by Beckett’s aunt (that’s me) and grandma. I made all of the decorations myself, purchased much of the food, and Grandma recruited help with the cleanup of the new parents’ home as well as setup and take down of the event.

It is such a casual event that there was really very little to do on our part and certainly nothing for the new parents to do. We brought the party to them. We certainly couldn’t have the new parents stressed about having guests in their home.

What were specific things you did to keep the baby from getting exposed to too many germs?

There was a sign posted as soon as guests entered the home to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitizer. Several bottles of sanitizer and tissues were set up around the home.

Interestingly enough, many people did not need to hold the new baby. Just laying eyes on him and whispering sweet words in his ear were enough for them. Those that did hold him took extra care. The new mama reported not being worried a bit.

Tell me about the details. Did you have favors? What kind of food did you serve?

Guests were offered individual packets of hot chocolate with a personalized thank you tag to take home with them.

Appetizers included spinach and feta pinwheels, meatballs, fruit salad, a veggie tray, several flavors of éclairs and cookies.

Food was kept simple and mostly store-bought, so as not to have to use the new parents’ kitchen for cooking as well as easy clean up.

Again, keeping it simple and with nothing for the new parents to do was our goal.

What kind of advice can you give to our MSW readers that are planning a sip and see for their friend or relative? 

Discuss the details of the sip and see with the new parents long before the new baby arrives. Once that bundle of goodness is here, a party is the last thing on their minds.

Secondly, bring the party to them. That may include cleaning up the home a bit as new parents want their home to be inviting for guests; but who has time to clean with all that nursing, burping and changing? Keeping the details simple will help this.

Food and drinks were store bought, decorations were made months in advance, and invites were sent out several weeks prior.

By having the invites out early, many guests who would have made a visit to meet the baby in those first few days home waited.

Having the scheduled event made those first few weeks at home more private, and perhaps more pleasant as well.

By the time of the sip and see, both parents and baby were ready for guests and ready to celebrate.

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  1. I’ve never heard of a sip and see but what a great idea! Great party too!

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