Benjamin’s Presidents Birthday Party

Image by Krista Lucas Photography

Krista is one of my oldest and dearest friends and she throws wonderful birthday parties for both of her boys. I have been lucky enough to attend them from time to time. When I learned that she threw a president-themed birthday party for her oldest son, Benjamin, (and during an election year too!) I just had to see photos and to hear about how she did it.

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

Benjamin’s party was inspired by his love of presidents! He had managed to memorize all the presidents in order before he started kindergarten, loved talking about all of the presidents on coins, and would be so excited whenever he saw the president on television. He asked for a president party for his sixth birthday about two weeks after he turned five.

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

I am pretty amazed that I managed to come up with an entire party that was president themed! My favorite part was the Abe Lincoln photo cutout which doubled as a ball toss game. Thanks to my mother in law for painting that!

Did you work with any vendors? If so who and what did you like about them?

I used two vendors: one for the paper goods (banner, invitations, paper lanterns, cupcake picks, photo booth props) by paper&CAKE. I love how easy their printables are to customize and print, and I’m also related to the owner and know how creative she is. The second was my friend Chrissy who made the “B” shirt.

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

My favorite part was seeing how happy Benjamin was with all of his president decorations. I also really liked the craft — decorating a picture frame with plastic coins, flags, and red/white/blue paint.

Images by Krista Lucas Photography

What was your son’s favorite part?

Benjamin loved the photo booth props, Abe Lincoln, and the cupcakes.

Can you give any advice to mamas who are planning a party for their little one? 

My best advice is to start early — I began buying plates/cups/napkins on clearance after the 4th of July, and found the party favors (president flash cards) also on clearance in the dollar section at Target just after school started in September.

Images by Krista Lucas Photography


paper&CAKE  (printable party goods)

SewLux (“B” t-shirt)

Budget: I spent around $75 total.

Images by Krista Lucas Photography

Images by Krista Lucas Photography

Images by Krista Lucas Photography

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  1. This is such a creative and unique party theme. Very cool.

  2. So cool! Very creative!

  3. I adore this party! Great job mama!

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