Big Sisters’ Onesie Party for Baby Evie

To celebrate the birth of her third little girl, MSW mama Miriam didn’t want another shower, but instead wanted an intimate gathering of her friends and family. She helped her two older daughters throw a “onesie party” for baby Evie, and it turned out so cute! Now baby Evie has a whole wardrobe of custom-made clothing, and big sisters Ryleigh and Lilah were fabulous hostesses. Miriam’s friends and family were able to celebrate the new little one’s arrival in style.

What is a onesie party?

An onesie party can be an alternative to a shower. Evelyn is girl number three for us, and since we had a baby shower just a couple years earlier, I really didn’t need much as far as baby stuff goes.

It was important to me to celebrate her upcoming birth, though, just like her two sisters before her, so we decided on throwing a onesie party.

It was hosted by my two older daughters. It was a very casual party where friends and family came for coffee, breakfast treats, and crafts.

I bought several different sized onesies, fabric quarters, appliques (I got a bunch from the seller etsykim) and iron fusible webbing.

What inspired the theme of the onesie party?

The theme, if anything, was simply “onesies!” I wouldn’t say there was really a theme; it was just a very casual party with great friends and fun.

Was the event coed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

The event was ladies only, since I really couldn’t envision my husband and all of his buddies sitting around decorating little girly onesies. ;)

Did you work with any vendors? What did you like about them?

We had the party at our home. My mom and mother-in-law helped provide the food. The only vendor I worked with was girlsatplay, who designed our invitations. I LOVED the bright and colorful invitations she created and I was very happy with her communication and the final product. I had the invitations printed at Staples.

Tell me about the details… did you have favors? What kind of food did you serve?

There weren’t any favors because it was not a formal shower. My mother-in-law brought an egg strata and Amish friendship bread. My mom brought a fruit tray. I supplied coffee, orange juice, tea and banana friendship bread. Everything was wonderful and so laid back.

I also designed some “Advice For Evie” cards that everyone filled out, and on the back I included a place for everyone to make a guess on Evie’s size and birth date (which NO ONE guessed correctly!).

What kind of advice can you give to our MSW readers who are planning a onesie party for their friend or relative?

Well, first off, stay tuned for my DIY article on how to applique a onesie, as I’m sure it’ll have a few answers to your questions on how exactly it’s done.

Secondly, you can make a onesie party a full-fledged shower for a friend, or a simple, casual event instead of a shower, so be sure to ask the mama what she needs or wants.

Third, have fun with it! I brought out a ton of scrap fabric that I already, had plus I bought some new stuff.

Finally, I highly suggest that you sew the appliques after the party… if not, the onesies will be ruined after only a few washes. Also, I have seen some blogs that suggest using puff paints to decorate, but in my personal experience I would stay away from them as they can be messy.


3 Responses to Big Sisters’ Onesie Party for Baby Evie

  1. They all turned out so cute!

  2. What a great idea as an alternative for a baby shower!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a cute it! I love this, definitely a good one for when you are planning a large family as you will have all the baby essentials as you go.

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