Blake’s Birthday Football Extravaganza

The very creative and talented mama Genae really knows how to put on a party.

When her son Blake turned one, she pulled out the stops coming up with a fantastic theme and party that was perfectly suited for her little man. Her imagination and creativity made this tailgating party incredibly fun… wish I could have been there myself to eat all of that delicious BBQ food!

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

My husband is a big Tennessee Vols fan, so it was a no-brainer. The plan was to have a tailgate BBQ theme for my baby shower, but I had Blake a month early, so I saved what I had and when his first birthday was coming up, I started pre-planning and added to the collection of Tennessee items I already owned.

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

To be honest, I was proud of all the details. But if I had to pick one — I loved his Tennessee Vols napkins and the football field goal we DIY’d. (Ok, so I have two elements).

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who? And what did you like about them?

I used myself; I am an event planner and that’s why I start planning my kids’ parties at least six months ahead of time.

Most of my paper imprints were done by Brenda, owner of Pretty Girl Imprints. She did the candy favors, save-the-date, and invite. Brenda is great; I tell her what I want and she always comes through.

As for the napkins and referee soda holders, I used Volplanet & mypapershop.

His cupcakes were from Sam’s Club. 30 cupcakes for $15.00 and they were tasty!

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

My favorite moment of the party was everyone enjoying all the details of the party and seeing my baby boy run around.

What was your birthday boy’s favorite part?

Blake’s favorite part was when we put one of his birthday presents together early: a water table. He loved the table! Blake and his guest played with it half the day. It was perfect since it was such a hot day.

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a party for their little one?

My advice to any mama throwing a party is to start at least six months ahead of time, figure out your venue, make a guest list, figure out what food you will provide, and the most important advice is figure out your budget first.

Budget: $600 including bouncy house and food

Vendor List:
Party Imprintables: Pretty Girl Imprints
Cupcakes: Sam’s Club

4 Responses to Blake’s Birthday Football Extravaganza

  1. you did such an awesome job on this party! love the theme! and his jersey!

  2. Such wonderful details on this, fantastic job mama!

  3. Coolest football party ever! I LOVE the goalpost centerpieces!

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