Boba 3G Carrier Review

I was given the opportunity to use and review the Boba 3G Carrier by the Boba Company this summer. We welcomed our second little boy, K, in March and with an active toddler in tow, I did a lot of babywearing this time around!

When K was a newbie, I often used the Boba Wrap. He liked being held close to his mama and it was awesome having my hands free to start a load of laundry, send an email, read books with B and push the stroller on a walk.

As K got bigger, we graduated from the wrap and began looking for a different carrier. Wraps are generally safe up to 40 pounds, but I felt most comfortable with the newborn hold more than any other, so when K wanted to stretch his legs out, we moved onto the 3G.

The 3G can be used for a front and a back carry. I’ve tried both the front and back carries, but I’ve almost exclusively carried him in the front. I know from carrying my older guy when he was younger, we will use the back carry more as he grows.

Putting a little one in the front carry is incredibly easy. You buckle the 3G around your waist, tighten the belt, place the baby with his belly on yours (always facing in, never out), then pull the straps over each shoulder and buckle in the back. You can easily tighten the straps two ways if necessary. You can tighten them under your arms pits which will shorten the straps over your shoulders and you can also pull the strap across your back. I find that once I get him comfortable, I don’t mess with the straps so I don’t have to fiddle with them each time.

One of my favorite features is the pocket that you can pull over baby’s head and button on the shoulder straps. I’ve used it when it started raining to protect K’s head from getting wet and also when I wanted him to take a nap. Using the cover helped cut down on distractions around us, so he could relax and fall asleep.

The 3G is a soft carrier, yet sturdy. Because K was strapped to my chest and buckled around the waist and behind my back, I always felt he was safe and never in danger or coming loose or somehow falling out.

It also comes in several cute patterns and is machine washable.

We went on several trips this summer, including a long weekend in the mountains, a week in Maine, and a week at the beach. I brought the 3G with us for all three trips and I’m fairly certain I would have been lost without it. It was used every single day (multiple times a day!) on our beach vacation. We had to cart our beach chairs, umbrella, towels, cooler, beach toys, bags, and a toddler to the beach every day and we only had so many hands to use! The 3G was perfect since strollers and sand typically don’t mesh well. I was able to carry my little guy and hold B’s hand while my husband carried our beach gear every day. I think I made out easier than he did!

I even breastfed K while in the 3G, which is something I had never tried with any other carrier. It wasn’t super comfortable for me, but it got the job done and K didn’t seem to mind.

Boba 3G Pros

  • Secure and adjustable fit for babies aged newborn-toddler; can be used from 7-45 lbs. with no infant insert needed
  • Very easy to strap baby into the front carry in just seconds (the back carry might take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, it’s no big deal)
  • Removable foot straps can be attached to the waist for older children
  • There are a few zippered pockets to store pacifiers, money, keys, snacks or whatever else mama or baby might need while on the go
  • There are adorable patterns to choose from and some solid colors as well
  • Machine washable

Boba 3G Cons

  • It’s a bit pricier than other carriers, but well worth the money in my opinion

Overall, I would absolutely recommend the Boba 3G to a friend. If it’s in the budget, it would make a wonderful baby shower gift for any new or experienced mama (maybe go in on it with a friend or two).

I love to spread my love of babywearing to other mamas and I’ve lent the Boba to my sister-in-law to use with her daughter – she loved it too!

3 Responses to Boba 3G Carrier Review

  1. I love being able to discreetly nurse my daughter while wearing her in our carrier! It’s such a lifesaver when I am not able (or just don’t want) to remove myself from the public setting that we are in. Plus, people think she is just in there sleeping, which allows me to continue on with whatever I was previously doing (grocery shopping is a great example).

  2. Great review! When your little one gets bigger, let us know how you/they like the foot stirrups. That’s a feature I would have liked to have on my carrier.

  3. Love the print of this carrier. I have never used one with feet stirrups.

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